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Thoughts on the weekend

07 Oct 11 07:13
Well being honest it has been a very quiet week in the world of Bravado up to this point, other than work, training, a quick and uneventful pint with a mate to catch up and tentatively having a date with a French girl on Saturday, I have nothing to report - have not even had anything to bet on this week either.

So my thoughts turn to the weekend...

Euro 2012 Qualifiers

Two prices stand out for me this weekend - Spain are 4/5 and Germany a best priced 13/10. Now we are talking about two of the best sides in the world both unbeaten in the group stages of qualifying with 100% records who are playing Turkey (Lost to Azerbaijan, Drew with Belgium) and Czech Rep (Lost to Lithuania and struggled to get a draw against Scotland!) respectively. Those prices seem very big to me!

Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals

Ireland should have far too much for Wales and I can make a strong case for Ireland going very close to winning the World Cup. They have a group of players who since the last world cup have won the grand slam and I think it 3 of the last 4 Heineken cups (the rugby champions league). As such I can see them making the final and at 12/1 they are the value for me to win it, but have gone e/w so it is 1/3 of the odds for making the final.

My head says England will beat France, however England are becoming a very short price and I think anything 2/1+ on France will be value/insulting.

South Africa are a scary proposition in knock out rugby and this is going to be close but I expect them to edge it. I have been against Australia every since I watched Quade Cooper play the All Blacks twice in the tri nations. He is a liability and he is going to crumble under pressure and cost them the game - whether it is against SA or NZ (if they get that far) I dont know but he is not someone I would want on my team in a tight game.

New Zealand will beat Argentina - however I think the handicap of -27 is a tad insulting to how far Argentina have progressed over the past few years. If it was a group game I can make a case for a score being racked up - but in knock out rugby its usually a lot closer.

National Hunt Racing

The 1535 Chepstow (Saturday) is a fascinating race on Saturday and will be the first big clue to The Arkle. Cue Card v Silviniaco Conti v Champion Court v For Non Stop. All are highly regarded, however I feel the first two named are more likely to go close as the latter two would want further than the 2m 3f I expect Cue Card to be a short price but would not be suprised to see SC turn him over if he takes to fences.

The 1705 Limerick (Sunday) sees another interesting contest with Loosen My Load and Realt Dubh lining up against each other. Realt Dubh is the superior animal and by a decent amount imo.

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A Quiet Weekend...?!

04 Oct 11 19:57
Saturday 1st October

A nice early start to the day - I wake up up half way through the Tonga v France game and see France being outplayed everywhere so get involved with Tonga - PP go 2/1 with 20 mins to go and Tonga looking comfortable and I cap it off with Scotland on the handicap as mentioned in the earlier issue of my blog. Aston Villa were comfortable winners as also mentioned previously and I did not understand how Liverpool were even money to beat Everton when Everton were ten men down with 70 minutes to play!!! I also backed Rubi Light to win its race and he was 10 lengths clear when falling at the last Cry that would have made a great day a LEGENDARY day.

Saturday evening Nikki gives me a call and wants to come around to mine - had to blow her out - there is a downside to crashing at the parents place for a few weeks!

Sunday 2nd October
Chelsea and Fulham both win as I had hoped but Italy did not put up anywhere as much fight as expected against Ireland and they are going to have too much for Wales in the QF this Saturday. In addition I fancy SA/ENG/NZ all to progress but have not assessed the handicaps as of yet. The horses were a mixed back - First Lieutenant won as expected but Luska Lad was totally outclassed by The Real Article and could only finished second but still made for a decent effort overall.

Monday 3rd October
No Vodka sessions today although I did end up in Lix's parents pub after training but stuck strictly to the non-alcoholic! Talking over with a friend my plans to go pro and discussing what I need to do to get the finances in place. I am torn between putting aside 6 months rent and expenses as well as the bank I need and going full time straight away or Starting off with a smaller bank and doing it part time in order to grow the bank organically which would also buy me 6 months to a year and take the pressure off to an extent as I will be more financially secure.
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Rugby World Cup
Scotland +11 looks very big to me. It is going to be a tight game and Scotland simply have to win to stay in the tournament. England were given a severe test in 6 Nations this season by Scotland and Scotland should have also beaten Argentina. This is going to be a close game and I can see Scotland even winning Mischief

Italy also look big on the handicap. They should have beaten Ireland in 6 Nations this year and it is going to be extremely difficult for Ireland. Unlike against Australia they will not be getting any cheap penalties in Scrum and it will prove a competitive match.

New Zealand should also obliterate Canada.

Football - Premier League
I always hate backing teams to win after a mid week European fixture, so the following are tentative thoughts but unsure if I will risk my hard earned - will probably depend on how my Rugby bets are going. If I am up then I will likely play, if not I will leave it.

Chelsea should have far too much for rock bottom Bolton and 8/15 is a fair price on the team 3rd in League. If Fulham had not played away in Scandinavia on Thursday I am certain they would be reasonable odds on against QPR so the slight odds against makes them value - 4/6 would be a fairer price.

Finally Wigan are a poor team who travel even more poorly. Villa should be too strong for them, but I make the available 4/6 too short and would have had them priced 10/11. I do expect Villa to win though.

National Hunt Racing

There are some interesting races this weekend as the Jumps season finally gets underway properly in my eyes. Rubi Light v Sizing Europe is a fascinating contest over 2m 4f on Saturday. I honestly have no idea who will win, if I get involved it will be because the prices are wrong. SE should be no bigger than Evens and if I can get 3/1 or bigger on Rubi or 6/4 on Sizing I will play.

I fancy Luska lad to go close on Sunday in an intriquing Tipperary Hurdle and expect big things from First Lieutenant over Fences. I expect him to be aimed at The Arkle at Cheltenham and expect him to be outpaced and finish just outsaide of the places, before making the step up the following year over a longer distance. However, he features heavily in RSA betting which would be very interesting.

Cheltenham Festival

Champion Hurdle - Hurricane Fly is the one to beat, injury looks the most likely reason for him to be beaten. However, of the up and coming novices - Oscar Wells (would have won the Neptune had he not slipped at the last) and Spirit Son (Ran the Supreme in a faster time than Champion Hurdle along with Al Ferof - Sprinter Sacre not too far behind either) look the two that could give him the most to do. I am on Oscars Wells @ 20/1 and Spirit Son @ 25/1 (post aintree win when it was declared he would stay hurdling)

Queen Mother Champion Chase - Sizing Europe is going for the Gold Cup this year and the first and second in last seasons Arkle won the race in a faster time than the established stars. At 10/1 and 12/1 respectably Finians Rainbow and Captain Chris are fair prices.

World Hurdle - Can anyone beat Big Bucks?! No Idea, Oscars Whiskey looks the most likely to challenge but no involvement from me at this stage.

Gold Cup - Straight after last years race Stan James put up Long Run at 3/1 and Weapons Amnesty at 33/1. The last time these two horses met Weapons Amnesty destoyed Long Run, Burtons Port 25/1 also finished in front of Long Run on that day with the latter two missing last years Gold Cup due to injury. I have helped myself to the big prices on those two as I feel I would be follish not too given all evidence seen on their one meeting so far! Last years novices look a very evenly matched bunch - but I dont think any of them are up to much, but I hope to be proven wrong as it will make for a very competitive race. Quito De La Rogue won me a lot of money last year and I would love to see him progress.
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Vodka on a Monday?!

30 Sep 11 21:28
Saturday 24th September

Backed Both Tottenham and Newcastle to win - I am against Blackburn religiously this season and Spurs at odds against v Wigan was a joke. On the Rugby front I take a view that France +19 is a joke and they will push New Zealand all the way... I then place my only other Rugby bet for the weekend - I fancy Argentina to beat Scotland. Argentina are a best price 8/11 but they are Evens -2... so I do the sensible thing and take them on the handicap as I can see a penalty being the difference.

That evening I join Anais at a party in Kensington, for those of you who missed the last installment she is a Model I met at London Fashion Week. My god do those guys party hard - it seems the entire party is Alcohol, Drugs and Sex! We are all drunk, but personally I do not do drugs, its not my thing. Anyway, me and Anais are getting a little frisky and then she pulls out the white powder and does some along with her friend Sascha - they offer me some but I decline. Anyway, turns out these girls do not like being told no - we have 30 mins of back and forth with them trying to get me to try it. I get a little pissed off with this as it really isnt my thing and tell them quite bluntly - NO! Sascha then takes the drugs off of Anais and then pulls Anais top down and puts the powder across Anais breasts, turns to me and says "OK, I get that you dont do drugs, but if its your first and only time - doing them off the tits off a fashion model is something you can see there and smile about when your old and grey..." *Sigh I am ashamed to admit that I gave in, Anais then took me upstairs and proved to be as filthy and depraved as I had hoped she would be!!

Sunday 25th September
See above! Spent most of the morning in bed with Anais and then finally headed back to mine in the afternoon. I checked the rugby scores when I got in and saw that Argentina had beaten Scotland as expected but only by one point!! I get a text off Anais that evening saying she was at the airport and on her way to Paris for Paris Fashion Week, but if she is in town again she will drop me a line ;) - I laughed at this as I knew it had an obvious double meaning!

Monday 26th September
Go to work, hit training after work and then grab a quick pint with a couple of guys and girls after training. Somehow a quick pint developes in to a moving out party for me and we all end up back at mine drinking Vodka until 0400!! To cap it all off I hook up a friend of mine who is 42 with a very attractive German PHD student that I know who is in her early twenties - I dont think he has stopped smiling all week!

Tuesday 27th September
Turn up an hour late for work, still drunk, somehow survive the day and then move my stuff back to the family home in the evening. The place I was renting was sold by the landlord and so I am flat hunting again - have not found anywhere decent at the moment so thought instead of just taking a place because I need one, I can go home for a couple of weeks while im looking and enjoy getting free food and my washing done for me. I have only been at home for about 6 months in the last 8 years so this should be an experience!!

Wednesday 28th September
Get informed by my boss I am under consideration for a payrise and promotion!! Good times - in the back of my mind I instantly think great this means I can get the required funds together quicker to get out of this hell hole and make my Betfair Millions!! Have a crack at the new girl from training after our session... but im not getting anywhere fast. Im sure she likes me, but I need to get her alone for an hour to work my magic she has a friend who comes along who seems to have a Masters Degree in cockblocking!

Thursday 29th September
Get a call of Nikkie - she wants to know if I am free this weekend for drinks, tell her I will let her know on Saturday Afternoon. I check out the rugby handicaps for the Samoa Game and see they are getting a 18 point start against South Africa - that is just too big so I get involved.

Friday 30th September
Watch Samoa give South Africa a good game, finish work hit the gym and then head home. Completely shattered and debating the weekends plays. I check the Racing entries as there is a couple of good jumps races this weekend and check the state of my Ante Post Cheltenham Portfolio - I have been involved in the markets since the end of the last one!
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Booze, Birds and Cricket

24 Sep 11 10:16
Monday 19th September

Return to work and get asked out by the Polish Girl who works in our office called Anna she is also known as "Cash Money Baby" for her habit of going over for anyone in the office who has had a good month and earned a good commission cheque! Its well documented her ambition isnt to earn her own money but become a WAG - I tell her im busy Friday as I am off to the Cricket. I have a look over the Rugby Handicaps in the morning and decide Japan are going to beat Tonga or at least keep it close.

Tuesday 20th September

Watch in horror as Japan are brushed aside by Tonga... friend of mine drops me a line. He runs an events company and has been putting the final touches on a closing party for London Fashion Week. It is being held at a designer's penthouse in Mayfair and he has offered me an invite!! I let him know I will be there - last time I went to one of his parties it was at the last London Fashion Week and I ended up on Fashion TV for the launch party!

Wednesday 21st September

Turn up to the party at 2300 my first thought was - damn I need to earn enough money to live in a place like this - who knew a Mayfair Penthouse would be so nice lol

The party was pretty good - a little pretentious, but I guess that was to be expected. Had a great night though and worked my magic on a lucky young lady. Got a kiss and a grope with a girl named Anais and an invite to a party in Kensington this weekend before she goes off abroad for a couple of shoots. So I am hopeful that she fancies a bit of Bravado before she goes!! I am a little apprehensive though as I am punching above my weight on this one - a friend of mine told me to google her to see if she was in fact a model and yup she is!!

The other event of the night was probably this middle aged gay guy who owns a modelling agency telling me that I have a good look and we should get together sometime over drinks/dinner at his place - how stupid does he think I am?

I finally get in at 0530 and have to be up for work in an hour and a half!

Thursday 22nd September

My alarm goes off at 0700 and it is not a pleasant experience. I cant face a shower etc but I live 2 miles from my office in Liverpool Street so I decide to go for a jog in to the office. It will wake me up and I can have a shower etc when there, it also means I wont be late!

Work was a painful experience!! About 1630 a friend of mine Jas calls me and says he had an interview for a company around the corner so do I fancy a quick pint. Hair of the dog seems like a good idea so I say sure why not and we head down to The White Horse in Shoreditch so we can meet up with another friend of mine, Alex. For those of you who are unaware The White Horse is one of those grotty little £ in a pint glass establishments, but it has a pool table and its within a mile of all of our homes.

Well a quick pint never ends as a quick pint and 4 pints and a couple of Jaeger Bombs later we end up getting on to the subject of an ex of mine. Some of you on the Cricket Forum may recall about 2 years ago I was going through a break up and then a couple of months later I ended up re-bounding with a stripper named Hannah. Well being as we were in a strip pub they ask me how she is doing. I hadnt spoken to her for a few months so I drop her a text. Anyway turns out she is working and we should come down. What the hell - so we end up on our way to Spearmint Rhinos! She is on the early shift so she is done by 2300 - the lads shoot off home (both their gfs have been on their case as to where they were) and me and Hannah head off to a club and then back to hers.

Friday 23rd September

I head straight to work from Hannah's literally wearing what I was wearing the day before! Unfortunately the entire office has realised this as I was wearing a distinctive shirt and there are lots of questions as to my whereabouts last night! Hit the showers at lunchtime and feel a lot more refreshed for the afternoon. Head to The Oval after work for England v West Indies and it was a nice relaxing evening - could have done with it being a bit more competitive as a spectacle but good entertainment nonetheless. The West Indies clearly have no strength in depth and struggle to play the slower stuff!
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Nikki and a losing weekend!

20 Sep 11 21:01
Friday 16th September

Still struck down with food poisoning I turned my attentions to the Rugby. Japan were playing a reserve side against a near full strength Kiwi side and this was only going to end up one way - a massacre. New Zealand ending up covering the handicap quite easily. To top it off the draw in the Sri Lanka test went to sub 1.5 leaving me with a nice green book. I call Nikki and let her know that in principle I am still on for tomorrow night - however I am still a bit ill.

Saturday 17th September

I took the view that Romania would have no chance in keeping the score down against Argentina who actually have a very good record in running up the points against the so-called minnows. And as mentioned in the last installment of this blog Ireland had been within 7 points of Australia in 3 of the last four games between the two. I have a hefty bet on Ireland with a 12 point headstart and also have a smaller bet on Ireland winning - turned out to be a great morning for Rugby as all three bets came up trumps! Unfortunately that was the high point of my gambling day as I sided with Somerset in the Cricket and had to trade out for a loss as they collapsed yet again in a final! To make things worse my bets on Arsenal and Bolton proved poor selections!

Saturday night I go to meet Nikki at a bar around the corner from hers just off of Oxford Street. Well it turns out I did quite well for myself despite being absolutely plastered and having barely any recollection of her from last weekends Rugby session. She is 37 about 5"6 Blonde and recently divorced with no kids. She is very fit and I do not just mean looks wise - as she goes to the gym six times a week! Things go well and I end up spending the night at hers!

Sunday 18th September

My alarm goes off at 0430 and I remember that its time for the Rugby! As mentioned previously I really fancy Samoa to win comfortably against the Welsh and I have money supporting this outcome. Just one problem - I am at Nikki's and its 0430... the game has kicked off how the hell am I going to watch this game! My alarm woke her up (It was on my phone) she asks why it went off - so I own up - I didnt expect to spend the night with her and its the rugby world cup - anyway much to her annoyance I head to her front room and stick the game on :D About an hour later she joins me in the front room and even brings me a cup of tea - I could get used to this!! Anyway it turns out to be a disastrous day as Wales win and neither England or France cover the handicap - although I did manage to take out my frustrations with Nikki in between each game ;)

On a side note I think it is time for Georgia to either be put in to a newly created seven nations or have promotion and relegation from the six nations and the second tier - which Georgia have been champions of for the past 4 years - not to mention they have only narrowly been beaten by Scotland and Ireland. England would have also had a harder game had they not played only 4 days previously.

I head home and get there in time for the t20 and side with Zimbabwe to chase down a very below score against Pakistan - anyway lesson learnt I will never back Zimbabwe to chase any total ever again!! The one saving grace was backing Sunderland to beat a fatigued Stoke who were in Ukraine only three days previously.
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Monday 12th September

Waking up this morning was hard – after all the alcohol abuse and adjusting my body clock to New Zealand time for the rugby waking up at 0630 was hard!! No bets today, nothing I fancy, so it’s a straight forward day, go to work, doing some BMF training in the evening easy…

I check my phone and I have a text from someone called Nikki – apparently she enjoyed meeting me in the bar Saturday and looks forward to seeing me the coming weekend? I am clueless, fire off a couple of texts to my mates asking if she was fit!

New place opened up around the corner from my office, so we head there for lunch, I have the Chili Con Carne, tastes a bit different but don’t think anything of it, on top of this I get informed that Nikki is indeed fit and also about ten years older than me… what the hell - I text her back and say looking forward to seeing her too! Shoot off to training after work and break down half way through and start throwing up Chili Con Carne – oh dear!

Tuesday 13th September

I phone in sick as I spent most of the night throwing up and feeling quite pathetic. On the plus side I get to catch up on my sleep and put in some study on the midweek Champions League Games. I take a shine to Porto who are formidable at home and Valencia who should have far too much for a mid-table Belgian team in Genk. Porto wins comfortably but, Valencia does everything but score and play out a 0-0 draw.

I turn my attention to the Rugby Handicaps for Wednesday morning. I lump on Tonga -6 as I am certain they destroy Canada and also back Georgia to cover the Handicap against Scotland. The world and his wife know that game is going to be close – Georgia have an International class pack. I also really fancy Samoa to cover the handicap but I am uneasy that all the previous handicaps have been won by the underdog. Decide to follow my instincts as I am up a fair amount so far on the tournament.

Head to bed straight after the football as I am still throwing up and can’t keep anything down even water makes me feel ill.

Wednesday 14th September

Wake up at 0330 to watch the Rugby, phone in sick while I am at it, I tried having a coffee – didn’t go well – what the hell was in that Chili Con Carne? Samoa obliterates Namibia and now I get ready to watch Tonga own Canada. At the start of the game, the commentators are kind enough to point out that Canada have played Tonga twice in World Cups and won twice – something I seemed to have overlooked as Canada make it three wins in a row! Georgia then push Scotland all the way and two winners out of three - that will do.

Next up is the Pakistan v Zimbabwe ODI – Pakistan posted a decent if not spectacular total and were very short at the change of inns. I along with the rest of the cricket forum spot of the obvious error and lay Pakistan around 1.15 and green up around the 1.6 mark. Pakistan are always so predictable!

I start up a thread on the Rugby Forum stating Russia +9 looks a good bet for tomorrow and then turn my attentions to the evenings Champions League games and notice Bayern Munich are short priced favourites to beat Villareal at Villareal – I treat the price with distain – don’t people know Villareal have never lost a European game at home and Bayern have a shocking record against Spanish opposition? I sit there and watch as Villareal lose their first European game at home – EASILY!

Nikki then calls me, checks in to see how I am doing – tell her I have food poisoning then ask if she wants to come around and play nurse – note to self – next time do not tell a woman you cant stop throwing up and then ask if she wants to come around! She politely declines and we agree to go out Saturday night providing I am well…

Thursday 15th September

Russia +9 came in and was a great start to the day and to top it off I along with a few of the guys on the Cricket Forum making a killing laying Warks at 1.5 in the cricket and it was a straight train on the draw. I give about a third back trying to get Lancs beat c’est la vie.

I turn my attentions to the Europa League Games and tip up to some of the guys on the Cricket Forum PAOK to beat a reserve Tottenham team (so close!) and Braga to beat Birmingham (Comfortable victory) – both are above 6/4 and should be a lot shorter. Braga are on par with Porto and Benfica and Birmingham are an average championship side, the prices made no sense to me whatsoever. To top it off I back Rubin Kazan to beat Shamrock as for some reason they are 4/7 this is a Champions League quality side versus a part time Irish team FFS!! After all that my football results midweek yield me a massive return of 66p profit!!

I turn my focus to the weekend and start to plan my exploits. With three cricket games there will be a lot of trading on, but I expect the draw to go low in the Australia v Sri Lanka test, will play the rest in running and consider both Arsenal and Bolton to be overpriced – my tissue makes them 4/7 and 4/6 so I back both. I am still formulating ideas on the Rugby but have had my eye on the Wales v Samoa game for a while as an upset and expect England and France to dominate two opponents who have played huge games only 4 days previously. The rest need to be thought about some more. One thing that stands out to me in the Ireland v Australia game is 3 of the last 4 games Ireland have been within 7 points of Australia…

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Booze, Rugby and Winners

14 Sep 11 22:54
Friday 9th September

Woke up this morning with extreme excitement and a huge hangover! It’s the start of the Rugby World Cup!! But oh god why did I go out on a 6 hour post work session! I was taking a client out for drinks to get some terms agreed. That took 2 hours – so how did I end up out on the tiles for another 4 hours?

Realise I overslept – two options – have a shower and be late or shower in a can? I grab the lynx and head out the door. Walking down to the tube station remember I have not yet put my handicap bet on for the Rugby – was supposed to do it last night before all the drinking! Tonga +64 do people still think its 1999? The minnows have all improved – Japan even won the pacific nations cup this year!

Get in to the office, order 2 bacon and mushroom sarnies and a coffee! Sit down at my desk and pretend to work while logging on to and putting the game on. Spend most of the first half thinking I had done my money as New Zealand look like they are going to win by about 1000 points! Saffer colleague of mine emails me to point out I have done my money and I am a mug – hmm he must post on the football forum – must ask his forum name… Half Time – it’s my turn to do the coffee run – stupid queue in Starbucks miss the first ten mins of the second half. Get back in time to see a spirited fight back from Tonga and my bet has won and make a note that they will grind Canada in to mash in midweek!

Hit the gym after work, have three weeks’ worth of strength training left on a programme I am doing. Want to go to bed need some sleep as I am going to the Pub in the early hours to watch the rugby marathon! However, the cricket is on, India actually look like they might win! Odds look value, England lose two quick wickets and I am feeling confident. But nope India threw it away again!

Saturday 10th September

2am – I have had 3 hours sleep and I am just getting ready to watch the first of 4 Rugby Games Back to Back. This is going to hurt. First up Scotland v Romania – god this could send me to sleep early! Decide to get a double Vodka Red Bull from the bar. Can’t make my mind up on the handicaps have been mulling them over all week. Decide I will have a go in play – end up backing Romania +22 at half time as Scotland are shocking! Ends up being an exciting game, Romania almost won! Bet in! 2/2 great start!

Next up is Fiji v Namibia and I am certain that Fiji crushes the useless Namibians – they have conceded an average of 53 points in every World Cup game they have ever played! Namibian Fly Half starts scoring drop goals in the opening 10 mins and then Namibia somehow manage to score a couple of tries! Well you can’t win them all I guess! Fiji -30 is a loser.

The third game is Japan v France its 7am I am fairly drunk and I have been telling everyone who will listen this is my banker of the weekend, I have a huge bet on Japan +42, they are the reigning Pacific Nations Champions etc… 5 mins in France score a try and could have had two more. Lots of sarcasm hurled my way and I am having heart palpitations caused by a mixture of the realistic possibility of doing a large chunk of money and too much Vodka and Red Bull. Japan fight back, heart eases up – money in. Result!

England v Argentina up last and I have had to switch to the non-alcoholic. I cannot understand all the hype around England. This is second v third from the last World Cup and it’s going to be a dog fight. I back Argentina +13 and a small amount on Argentina to win. Argies dominate for large periods, they cover the handicap but England wins. Leave bar, go home eat and sleep have to do this all again tomorrow!

Sunday 11th September

Woke up early and by early I mean 0230!! Head down to the bar to meet the guys and have already had my bets for the Rugby (Italy +30, USA +33 and Wales +20). I am on the Orange Juice this time as my liver has taken a battering the last few days and all goes to plan with relative ease. 3 bets 3 winners and it’s not even noon – wish all days were like this! Pleased Wales didn’t win as backed them not to qualify from the group @ 9/2 with VC pre-tournament. Make a note that Italy may beat Ireland (they should have in the 6 nations) and Australia are going to obliterate USA as the result flattered them greatly.

Get home just in time for the football and have a bet on West Brom to beat Norwich – colleague of mine is a WBA fan and has been telling me how great they are and early season results seem to support this. They cling on for a 1-0 win and to top it off I make some money on the runs lines on the England v India game. I back India over 260.5 and England to score under 85 in the first 15 overs. I also back India to win again but get scuppered by the rain.
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Join me on a journey

14 Sep 11 21:38
About Me

I am 26, a law graduate and I work as a headhunter in the city. I tolerate the job as it pays the bills and the commission is nice, however, the dream is to become a full time trader/gambler. I have made a profit for seven years from fixed odds betting and trading on Cricket, but being honest, I have never had the balls to go full time. It has always been a case of – well do I really want to rely on a sports team/horse performing in order for me to pay my rent?! As, a result it has always been a way to supplement my income, pay for holidays, nights out etc.

I kind of fell in to this world, when I started university, I took a weekend job working in a bookies to pay for my frequent trips to the student union. However, the guy I worked with was a professional gambler who basically used the job as a means to have constant access to all the info required to make it pay. His Best Friend was and as far as I am aware still is full time on here even owns a couple of race horses now. Gambling, for the sake of gambling never appealed to me, in fact I never had a bet until a year after working there. I spent most of my time gathering knowledge from this chap I worked with, took advice on things such as – keep a record of all bets, only bet on what you know, what value is, how markets are formed etc. Then a year in I thought right lets give this a go and I have had 7 losing months in the past 7 years with the majority being in my first year – some valuable lessons were learned!! Discipline is key – I now know I should only bet on Premiership and Champions League Football, National Hunt Horse Racing, International Rugby and Trade on Cricket. If I ever post a tennis tip – LAY IT - my record is shocking on the sport!!

After, 5 years of working in the city I have had enough of the rat race, I want to be my own boss, work the hours I want to work and do something I love. This is the dream and I have set myself a goal – if I have between £ 5-10k extra sitting in the bank next year I AM GOING FULL TIME! My method works and has worked over a sustained period. Time to put my balls on the line.

This blog is going to be a means for documenting my journey – who knows if I am rich one day it might be worth something and if I end up bankrupt maybe I can sell it! I am a big fan of Steve Palmer of the Racing Post so this blog will be in a similar style with a week by week tale of the trials and tribulations of not just gambling but life in general.

I am not going to be posting up any tips – I worked too hard to find something that works for me, I am not going to pass on my graft to others so they can make something for nothing.

The first instalment will be posted up tomorrow and I will update it once a week.

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