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Vodka on a Monday?!

30 Sep 11 21:28
Saturday 24th September

Backed Both Tottenham and Newcastle to win - I am against Blackburn religiously this season and Spurs at odds against v Wigan was a joke. On the Rugby front I take a view that France +19 is a joke and they will push New Zealand all the way... I then place my only other Rugby bet for the weekend - I fancy Argentina to beat Scotland. Argentina are a best price 8/11 but they are Evens -2... so I do the sensible thing and take them on the handicap as I can see a penalty being the difference.

That evening I join Anais at a party in Kensington, for those of you who missed the last installment she is a Model I met at London Fashion Week. My god do those guys party hard - it seems the entire party is Alcohol, Drugs and Sex! We are all drunk, but personally I do not do drugs, its not my thing. Anyway, me and Anais are getting a little frisky and then she pulls out the white powder and does some along with her friend Sascha - they offer me some but I decline. Anyway, turns out these girls do not like being told no - we have 30 mins of back and forth with them trying to get me to try it. I get a little pissed off with this as it really isnt my thing and tell them quite bluntly - NO! Sascha then takes the drugs off of Anais and then pulls Anais top down and puts the powder across Anais breasts, turns to me and says "OK, I get that you dont do drugs, but if its your first and only time - doing them off the tits off a fashion model is something you can see there and smile about when your old and grey..." *Sigh I am ashamed to admit that I gave in, Anais then took me upstairs and proved to be as filthy and depraved as I had hoped she would be!!

Sunday 25th September
See above! Spent most of the morning in bed with Anais and then finally headed back to mine in the afternoon. I checked the rugby scores when I got in and saw that Argentina had beaten Scotland as expected but only by one point!! I get a text off Anais that evening saying she was at the airport and on her way to Paris for Paris Fashion Week, but if she is in town again she will drop me a line ;) - I laughed at this as I knew it had an obvious double meaning!

Monday 26th September
Go to work, hit training after work and then grab a quick pint with a couple of guys and girls after training. Somehow a quick pint developes in to a moving out party for me and we all end up back at mine drinking Vodka until 0400!! To cap it all off I hook up a friend of mine who is 42 with a very attractive German PHD student that I know who is in her early twenties - I dont think he has stopped smiling all week!

Tuesday 27th September
Turn up an hour late for work, still drunk, somehow survive the day and then move my stuff back to the family home in the evening. The place I was renting was sold by the landlord and so I am flat hunting again - have not found anywhere decent at the moment so thought instead of just taking a place because I need one, I can go home for a couple of weeks while im looking and enjoy getting free food and my washing done for me. I have only been at home for about 6 months in the last 8 years so this should be an experience!!

Wednesday 28th September
Get informed by my boss I am under consideration for a payrise and promotion!! Good times - in the back of my mind I instantly think great this means I can get the required funds together quicker to get out of this hell hole and make my Betfair Millions!! Have a crack at the new girl from training after our session... but im not getting anywhere fast. Im sure she likes me, but I need to get her alone for an hour to work my magic she has a friend who comes along who seems to have a Masters Degree in cockblocking!

Thursday 29th September
Get a call of Nikkie - she wants to know if I am free this weekend for drinks, tell her I will let her know on Saturday Afternoon. I check out the rugby handicaps for the Samoa Game and see they are getting a 18 point start against South Africa - that is just too big so I get involved.

Friday 30th September
Watch Samoa give South Africa a good game, finish work hit the gym and then head home. Completely shattered and debating the weekends plays. I check the Racing entries as there is a couple of good jumps races this weekend and check the state of my Ante Post Cheltenham Portfolio - I have been involved in the markets since the end of the last one!
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