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Bravado is going Pro...

A Quiet Weekend...?!

04 Oct 11 19:57
Saturday 1st October

A nice early start to the day - I wake up up half way through the Tonga v France game and see France being outplayed everywhere so get involved with Tonga - PP go 2/1 with 20 mins to go and Tonga looking comfortable and I cap it off with Scotland on the handicap as mentioned in the earlier issue of my blog. Aston Villa were comfortable winners as also mentioned previously and I did not understand how Liverpool were even money to beat Everton when Everton were ten men down with 70 minutes to play!!! I also backed Rubi Light to win its race and he was 10 lengths clear when falling at the last Cry that would have made a great day a LEGENDARY day.

Saturday evening Nikki gives me a call and wants to come around to mine - had to blow her out - there is a downside to crashing at the parents place for a few weeks!

Sunday 2nd October
Chelsea and Fulham both win as I had hoped but Italy did not put up anywhere as much fight as expected against Ireland and they are going to have too much for Wales in the QF this Saturday. In addition I fancy SA/ENG/NZ all to progress but have not assessed the handicaps as of yet. The horses were a mixed back - First Lieutenant won as expected but Luska Lad was totally outclassed by The Real Article and could only finished second but still made for a decent effort overall.

Monday 3rd October
No Vodka sessions today although I did end up in Lix's parents pub after training but stuck strictly to the non-alcoholic! Talking over with a friend my plans to go pro and discussing what I need to do to get the finances in place. I am torn between putting aside 6 months rent and expenses as well as the bank I need and going full time straight away or Starting off with a smaller bank and doing it part time in order to grow the bank organically which would also buy me 6 months to a year and take the pressure off to an extent as I will be more financially secure.
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