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14 Sep 11 21:38
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I am 26, a law graduate and I work as a headhunter in the city. I tolerate the job as it pays the bills and the commission is nice, however, the dream is to become a full time trader/gambler. I have made a profit for seven years from fixed odds betting and trading on Cricket, but being honest, I have never had the balls to go full time. It has always been a case of – well do I really want to rely on a sports team/horse performing in order for me to pay my rent?! As, a result it has always been a way to supplement my income, pay for holidays, nights out etc.

I kind of fell in to this world, when I started university, I took a weekend job working in a bookies to pay for my frequent trips to the student union. However, the guy I worked with was a professional gambler who basically used the job as a means to have constant access to all the info required to make it pay. His Best Friend was and as far as I am aware still is full time on here even owns a couple of race horses now. Gambling, for the sake of gambling never appealed to me, in fact I never had a bet until a year after working there. I spent most of my time gathering knowledge from this chap I worked with, took advice on things such as – keep a record of all bets, only bet on what you know, what value is, how markets are formed etc. Then a year in I thought right lets give this a go and I have had 7 losing months in the past 7 years with the majority being in my first year – some valuable lessons were learned!! Discipline is key – I now know I should only bet on Premiership and Champions League Football, National Hunt Horse Racing, International Rugby and Trade on Cricket. If I ever post a tennis tip – LAY IT - my record is shocking on the sport!!

After, 5 years of working in the city I have had enough of the rat race, I want to be my own boss, work the hours I want to work and do something I love. This is the dream and I have set myself a goal – if I have between £ 5-10k extra sitting in the bank next year I AM GOING FULL TIME! My method works and has worked over a sustained period. Time to put my balls on the line.

This blog is going to be a means for documenting my journey – who knows if I am rich one day it might be worth something and if I end up bankrupt maybe I can sell it! I am a big fan of Steve Palmer of the Racing Post so this blog will be in a similar style with a week by week tale of the trials and tribulations of not just gambling but life in general.

I am not going to be posting up any tips – I worked too hard to find something that works for me, I am not going to pass on my graft to others so they can make something for nothing.

The first instalment will be posted up tomorrow and I will update it once a week.

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