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Booze, Rugby and Winners

14 Sep 11 22:54
Friday 9th September

Woke up this morning with extreme excitement and a huge hangover! It’s the start of the Rugby World Cup!! But oh god why did I go out on a 6 hour post work session! I was taking a client out for drinks to get some terms agreed. That took 2 hours – so how did I end up out on the tiles for another 4 hours?

Realise I overslept – two options – have a shower and be late or shower in a can? I grab the lynx and head out the door. Walking down to the tube station remember I have not yet put my handicap bet on for the Rugby – was supposed to do it last night before all the drinking! Tonga +64 do people still think its 1999? The minnows have all improved – Japan even won the pacific nations cup this year!

Get in to the office, order 2 bacon and mushroom sarnies and a coffee! Sit down at my desk and pretend to work while logging on to and putting the game on. Spend most of the first half thinking I had done my money as New Zealand look like they are going to win by about 1000 points! Saffer colleague of mine emails me to point out I have done my money and I am a mug – hmm he must post on the football forum – must ask his forum name… Half Time – it’s my turn to do the coffee run – stupid queue in Starbucks miss the first ten mins of the second half. Get back in time to see a spirited fight back from Tonga and my bet has won and make a note that they will grind Canada in to mash in midweek!

Hit the gym after work, have three weeks’ worth of strength training left on a programme I am doing. Want to go to bed need some sleep as I am going to the Pub in the early hours to watch the rugby marathon! However, the cricket is on, India actually look like they might win! Odds look value, England lose two quick wickets and I am feeling confident. But nope India threw it away again!

Saturday 10th September

2am – I have had 3 hours sleep and I am just getting ready to watch the first of 4 Rugby Games Back to Back. This is going to hurt. First up Scotland v Romania – god this could send me to sleep early! Decide to get a double Vodka Red Bull from the bar. Can’t make my mind up on the handicaps have been mulling them over all week. Decide I will have a go in play – end up backing Romania +22 at half time as Scotland are shocking! Ends up being an exciting game, Romania almost won! Bet in! 2/2 great start!

Next up is Fiji v Namibia and I am certain that Fiji crushes the useless Namibians – they have conceded an average of 53 points in every World Cup game they have ever played! Namibian Fly Half starts scoring drop goals in the opening 10 mins and then Namibia somehow manage to score a couple of tries! Well you can’t win them all I guess! Fiji -30 is a loser.

The third game is Japan v France its 7am I am fairly drunk and I have been telling everyone who will listen this is my banker of the weekend, I have a huge bet on Japan +42, they are the reigning Pacific Nations Champions etc… 5 mins in France score a try and could have had two more. Lots of sarcasm hurled my way and I am having heart palpitations caused by a mixture of the realistic possibility of doing a large chunk of money and too much Vodka and Red Bull. Japan fight back, heart eases up – money in. Result!

England v Argentina up last and I have had to switch to the non-alcoholic. I cannot understand all the hype around England. This is second v third from the last World Cup and it’s going to be a dog fight. I back Argentina +13 and a small amount on Argentina to win. Argies dominate for large periods, they cover the handicap but England wins. Leave bar, go home eat and sleep have to do this all again tomorrow!

Sunday 11th September

Woke up early and by early I mean 0230!! Head down to the bar to meet the guys and have already had my bets for the Rugby (Italy +30, USA +33 and Wales +20). I am on the Orange Juice this time as my liver has taken a battering the last few days and all goes to plan with relative ease. 3 bets 3 winners and it’s not even noon – wish all days were like this! Pleased Wales didn’t win as backed them not to qualify from the group @ 9/2 with VC pre-tournament. Make a note that Italy may beat Ireland (they should have in the 6 nations) and Australia are going to obliterate USA as the result flattered them greatly.

Get home just in time for the football and have a bet on West Brom to beat Norwich – colleague of mine is a WBA fan and has been telling me how great they are and early season results seem to support this. They cling on for a 1-0 win and to top it off I make some money on the runs lines on the England v India game. I back India over 260.5 and England to score under 85 in the first 15 overs. I also back India to win again but get scuppered by the rain.
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