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Monday 12th September

Waking up this morning was hard – after all the alcohol abuse and adjusting my body clock to New Zealand time for the rugby waking up at 0630 was hard!! No bets today, nothing I fancy, so it’s a straight forward day, go to work, doing some BMF training in the evening easy…

I check my phone and I have a text from someone called Nikki – apparently she enjoyed meeting me in the bar Saturday and looks forward to seeing me the coming weekend? I am clueless, fire off a couple of texts to my mates asking if she was fit!

New place opened up around the corner from my office, so we head there for lunch, I have the Chili Con Carne, tastes a bit different but don’t think anything of it, on top of this I get informed that Nikki is indeed fit and also about ten years older than me… what the hell - I text her back and say looking forward to seeing her too! Shoot off to training after work and break down half way through and start throwing up Chili Con Carne – oh dear!

Tuesday 13th September

I phone in sick as I spent most of the night throwing up and feeling quite pathetic. On the plus side I get to catch up on my sleep and put in some study on the midweek Champions League Games. I take a shine to Porto who are formidable at home and Valencia who should have far too much for a mid-table Belgian team in Genk. Porto wins comfortably but, Valencia does everything but score and play out a 0-0 draw.

I turn my attention to the Rugby Handicaps for Wednesday morning. I lump on Tonga -6 as I am certain they destroy Canada and also back Georgia to cover the Handicap against Scotland. The world and his wife know that game is going to be close – Georgia have an International class pack. I also really fancy Samoa to cover the handicap but I am uneasy that all the previous handicaps have been won by the underdog. Decide to follow my instincts as I am up a fair amount so far on the tournament.

Head to bed straight after the football as I am still throwing up and can’t keep anything down even water makes me feel ill.

Wednesday 14th September

Wake up at 0330 to watch the Rugby, phone in sick while I am at it, I tried having a coffee – didn’t go well – what the hell was in that Chili Con Carne? Samoa obliterates Namibia and now I get ready to watch Tonga own Canada. At the start of the game, the commentators are kind enough to point out that Canada have played Tonga twice in World Cups and won twice – something I seemed to have overlooked as Canada make it three wins in a row! Georgia then push Scotland all the way and two winners out of three - that will do.

Next up is the Pakistan v Zimbabwe ODI – Pakistan posted a decent if not spectacular total and were very short at the change of inns. I along with the rest of the cricket forum spot of the obvious error and lay Pakistan around 1.15 and green up around the 1.6 mark. Pakistan are always so predictable!

I start up a thread on the Rugby Forum stating Russia +9 looks a good bet for tomorrow and then turn my attentions to the evenings Champions League games and notice Bayern Munich are short priced favourites to beat Villareal at Villareal – I treat the price with distain – don’t people know Villareal have never lost a European game at home and Bayern have a shocking record against Spanish opposition? I sit there and watch as Villareal lose their first European game at home – EASILY!

Nikki then calls me, checks in to see how I am doing – tell her I have food poisoning then ask if she wants to come around and play nurse – note to self – next time do not tell a woman you cant stop throwing up and then ask if she wants to come around! She politely declines and we agree to go out Saturday night providing I am well…

Thursday 15th September

Russia +9 came in and was a great start to the day and to top it off I along with a few of the guys on the Cricket Forum making a killing laying Warks at 1.5 in the cricket and it was a straight train on the draw. I give about a third back trying to get Lancs beat c’est la vie.

I turn my attentions to the Europa League Games and tip up to some of the guys on the Cricket Forum PAOK to beat a reserve Tottenham team (so close!) and Braga to beat Birmingham (Comfortable victory) – both are above 6/4 and should be a lot shorter. Braga are on par with Porto and Benfica and Birmingham are an average championship side, the prices made no sense to me whatsoever. To top it off I back Rubin Kazan to beat Shamrock as for some reason they are 4/7 this is a Champions League quality side versus a part time Irish team FFS!! After all that my football results midweek yield me a massive return of 66p profit!!

I turn my focus to the weekend and start to plan my exploits. With three cricket games there will be a lot of trading on, but I expect the draw to go low in the Australia v Sri Lanka test, will play the rest in running and consider both Arsenal and Bolton to be overpriced – my tissue makes them 4/7 and 4/6 so I back both. I am still formulating ideas on the Rugby but have had my eye on the Wales v Samoa game for a while as an upset and expect England and France to dominate two opponents who have played huge games only 4 days previously. The rest need to be thought about some more. One thing that stands out to me in the Ireland v Australia game is 3 of the last 4 games Ireland have been within 7 points of Australia…

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