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Nikki and a losing weekend!

20 Sep 11 21:01
Friday 16th September

Still struck down with food poisoning I turned my attentions to the Rugby. Japan were playing a reserve side against a near full strength Kiwi side and this was only going to end up one way - a massacre. New Zealand ending up covering the handicap quite easily. To top it off the draw in the Sri Lanka test went to sub 1.5 leaving me with a nice green book. I call Nikki and let her know that in principle I am still on for tomorrow night - however I am still a bit ill.

Saturday 17th September

I took the view that Romania would have no chance in keeping the score down against Argentina who actually have a very good record in running up the points against the so-called minnows. And as mentioned in the last installment of this blog Ireland had been within 7 points of Australia in 3 of the last four games between the two. I have a hefty bet on Ireland with a 12 point headstart and also have a smaller bet on Ireland winning - turned out to be a great morning for Rugby as all three bets came up trumps! Unfortunately that was the high point of my gambling day as I sided with Somerset in the Cricket and had to trade out for a loss as they collapsed yet again in a final! To make things worse my bets on Arsenal and Bolton proved poor selections!

Saturday night I go to meet Nikki at a bar around the corner from hers just off of Oxford Street. Well it turns out I did quite well for myself despite being absolutely plastered and having barely any recollection of her from last weekends Rugby session. She is 37 about 5"6 Blonde and recently divorced with no kids. She is very fit and I do not just mean looks wise - as she goes to the gym six times a week! Things go well and I end up spending the night at hers!

Sunday 18th September

My alarm goes off at 0430 and I remember that its time for the Rugby! As mentioned previously I really fancy Samoa to win comfortably against the Welsh and I have money supporting this outcome. Just one problem - I am at Nikki's and its 0430... the game has kicked off how the hell am I going to watch this game! My alarm woke her up (It was on my phone) she asks why it went off - so I own up - I didnt expect to spend the night with her and its the rugby world cup - anyway much to her annoyance I head to her front room and stick the game on :D About an hour later she joins me in the front room and even brings me a cup of tea - I could get used to this!! Anyway it turns out to be a disastrous day as Wales win and neither England or France cover the handicap - although I did manage to take out my frustrations with Nikki in between each game ;)

On a side note I think it is time for Georgia to either be put in to a newly created seven nations or have promotion and relegation from the six nations and the second tier - which Georgia have been champions of for the past 4 years - not to mention they have only narrowly been beaten by Scotland and Ireland. England would have also had a harder game had they not played only 4 days previously.

I head home and get there in time for the t20 and side with Zimbabwe to chase down a very below score against Pakistan - anyway lesson learnt I will never back Zimbabwe to chase any total ever again!! The one saving grace was backing Sunderland to beat a fatigued Stoke who were in Ukraine only three days previously.
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