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Bravado is going Pro...

Booze, Birds and Cricket

24 Sep 11 10:16
Monday 19th September

Return to work and get asked out by the Polish Girl who works in our office called Anna she is also known as "Cash Money Baby" for her habit of going over for anyone in the office who has had a good month and earned a good commission cheque! Its well documented her ambition isnt to earn her own money but become a WAG - I tell her im busy Friday as I am off to the Cricket. I have a look over the Rugby Handicaps in the morning and decide Japan are going to beat Tonga or at least keep it close.

Tuesday 20th September

Watch in horror as Japan are brushed aside by Tonga... friend of mine drops me a line. He runs an events company and has been putting the final touches on a closing party for London Fashion Week. It is being held at a designer's penthouse in Mayfair and he has offered me an invite!! I let him know I will be there - last time I went to one of his parties it was at the last London Fashion Week and I ended up on Fashion TV for the launch party!

Wednesday 21st September

Turn up to the party at 2300 my first thought was - damn I need to earn enough money to live in a place like this - who knew a Mayfair Penthouse would be so nice lol

The party was pretty good - a little pretentious, but I guess that was to be expected. Had a great night though and worked my magic on a lucky young lady. Got a kiss and a grope with a girl named Anais and an invite to a party in Kensington this weekend before she goes off abroad for a couple of shoots. So I am hopeful that she fancies a bit of Bravado before she goes!! I am a little apprehensive though as I am punching above my weight on this one - a friend of mine told me to google her to see if she was in fact a model and yup she is!!

The other event of the night was probably this middle aged gay guy who owns a modelling agency telling me that I have a good look and we should get together sometime over drinks/dinner at his place - how stupid does he think I am?

I finally get in at 0530 and have to be up for work in an hour and a half!

Thursday 22nd September

My alarm goes off at 0700 and it is not a pleasant experience. I cant face a shower etc but I live 2 miles from my office in Liverpool Street so I decide to go for a jog in to the office. It will wake me up and I can have a shower etc when there, it also means I wont be late!

Work was a painful experience!! About 1630 a friend of mine Jas calls me and says he had an interview for a company around the corner so do I fancy a quick pint. Hair of the dog seems like a good idea so I say sure why not and we head down to The White Horse in Shoreditch so we can meet up with another friend of mine, Alex. For those of you who are unaware The White Horse is one of those grotty little £ in a pint glass establishments, but it has a pool table and its within a mile of all of our homes.

Well a quick pint never ends as a quick pint and 4 pints and a couple of Jaeger Bombs later we end up getting on to the subject of an ex of mine. Some of you on the Cricket Forum may recall about 2 years ago I was going through a break up and then a couple of months later I ended up re-bounding with a stripper named Hannah. Well being as we were in a strip pub they ask me how she is doing. I hadnt spoken to her for a few months so I drop her a text. Anyway turns out she is working and we should come down. What the hell - so we end up on our way to Spearmint Rhinos! She is on the early shift so she is done by 2300 - the lads shoot off home (both their gfs have been on their case as to where they were) and me and Hannah head off to a club and then back to hers.

Friday 23rd September

I head straight to work from Hannah's literally wearing what I was wearing the day before! Unfortunately the entire office has realised this as I was wearing a distinctive shirt and there are lots of questions as to my whereabouts last night! Hit the showers at lunchtime and feel a lot more refreshed for the afternoon. Head to The Oval after work for England v West Indies and it was a nice relaxing evening - could have done with it being a bit more competitive as a spectacle but good entertainment nonetheless. The West Indies clearly have no strength in depth and struggle to play the slower stuff!
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