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    How To Make It

    DAY 70

    29 Mar 19 20:52
    Data: DAY 70 Monday 11th March 2019:

           Today       Y-T-D
    No. of Bets:             8         550
    Winning Bets:             8         533
    Strike Rate:        100.00%        96.91%
    Return on Bank:            7.83%    7850.60%
    Profit / Loss:     £577.33    £7,850.60


    Everything fell the right way today! Better odds and a few more bets than usual that met my criteria. If only each day were like this.Happy

    Looking at the 2nd graph it is possible that we are beginning to see of the 'impact' of the compounding effect I mentioned in a previous Post (although it is still early days!). In essence, as time goes on and assuming the Bank grows, it should grow faster and faster in real cash terms. I know that for some I am stating the bleedin' obvious - but the point is that 'discipline' and 'patience' are, in my opinion, the greatest virtues when it comes to betting.

    If, and it's a big 'if', but if I can make it to the £10,000.00 mark by the end of the month - I will have achieved in 1 month that which took me 2 months (see January and February) before. Whilst I don't for one minute think this can be extrapolated 'ad infinitum' it does at least hint at what could be possible further down the line.

    I have added two extra items of data: The Daily Profit (or Loss) and the Accumulative Profit (or Loss) Year-to-Date. The Accumulative figure is my Closing Bank (each day) less the £100.00 Opening Bank I started with on the 1st January 2019.

    Having said all that I will most probably make a thumping great loss tomorrow!!!

    Graphs, as always, will follow once 'cleared' by the-powers-that-be!

    New to this Blog?: May I suggest you read my 'Preamble' on DAY 1 of this Blog. It should answer most of your initial questions. Happy

    Until tomorrow ...
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