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29th May Tennis Trades

29 May 14 09:11
Roland Garros - Betfair Tennis Trading


Bertens v Pavlyuchenkova (Pav - I am not typing that name out many times)

These two have no H2H on tennis insight, Bertens is a tall heavy hitter with a serve which can really hurt but so does Pav she has the same style big serve, who loves to attack from the baseline, so this could potentially be a cracking game!

I have Bertens at 4.11 betfair gives her 1.91, I have Pav here as the value selection 1.32 by my sums and betfair gives her odds of 2.06, this could well be the best game of the day for me to trade.


Giorgi v Kuznetsova (Kuz)

Giorgi has won the last 5 of her 6 games when the opponent is a big server which Kuz is, Kuz has a lot to here game she mixes it up, attacks is fairly good on all courts as well. Giorgi prefers a hard court, she is young though and has a lot of potential she keeps cool under pressure and might surprise a few here with some points.

I have Giorgi as fav here with odds of 1.67 and Kuz gets a 2.50 from me, betfair gives Giorgi 3.3 and Kuz 1.42. There has been a few upsets here recently, maybe this could be another, I would be waiting a few games before entering this one.


Seppi v Monaco

The H2H on these two being 2-2, both having won one on clay each, Monaco recently beating Seppi at Rome, where the clay is very strange anyways. We traded Seppi nicely on Monday, this might be a good game to trade both closely matched in the odds as well...

I get them at Seppi 1.28 and Monaco 4.59, betfair will give you 2.26 on Seppi and Monaco gets 1.79. I want to see how Seppi starts as he can start slow, I could easily see this going to 5 sets... there could be a very good opportunity to lay the first set winner here, unless Seppi wins it emphatically.


Kohlschreiber (Kohl) v Istomin (Iso)

These two have met twice before with both times being on clay and it being 1-1, they are both in some pretty good form at the moment and Kohl has the slight edge as he can handle big servers, he does have a heavy topspin to his game though which might not work as well here today because the damp clay will slow his play up, like Munich a slower court where Iso beat him.

I get Kohl at 1.31 and Iso 4.22, betfair is very close 1.37 Kohl and 3.6 to Iso, I will wait for this to start and hope Iso gets a few games off German and that price can rise to give a better entry point. He has slight value at present but you cant back a 1.37 shot!

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