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27th May Round Up

28 May 14 08:30
Good Morning,

There won't be any tennis from me today, got a lot to sort out and things to do this morning so will try and get a game or two looked at later....

Yesterday's Roland Garros

Seppi v Giraldo

Gave a lovely profit and did not really make us work to hard for this one!

Wozniak v Cirstea

This game had me in a loss to start with Wozniak took the first set, so I layed her here hoping for a Cirstea victory, so at that point I had a back on Cirstea and a lay on Wozniak I needed some from Cirstea that is exactly what I got the next two sets she won, I let this one ride out a little longer that usual due to the Cirstea really upping her game!

Stephens v Peng

This game I had so many emails about like wow she's going to drop the first set as she started poorly, she always tries harder in a GS tournament, she won the first out great profit!
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