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23 Mar 22 02:45
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Draw and Outright prices to follow as I've a feeling I'll have to type on...

...Under 2 weeks to go until WDF Lakeside World Championship. Feck me! Looks who's fav! Plenty going for him, but sure plenty short!

Hands up who's heard of Connor Scutt? Well he's the 6/1 jolly. I saved a post to email a while ago with my fancies...I'll dig it out. Also did one following the pro tour weekend results.

For what it's worth, this is the latest draw for prosperity for mens, ladies, boys, and girls.

Men's Draw....Where is it ffs? Cry

Wiki draw too awkward to make sense with copy n paste. I will look elsewhere as nowt on WDF official site. Even I can't defend this. I have no words....Here's The men's prize fund breakdown...








Playing Format
Final - Best of 11 sets
Semi-finals - Best of 9 sets
Quarter-finals - Best of 7 sets
Last 16 - Best of 5 sets
Last 32 - Best of 5 sets
Last 48 - Best of 3 sets

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When: 23 Mar 22 02:59
I haven't checked any other darts forums but looks like Coral could be the onsite bookie for Bob Potters Lakeside Darts Jamboree. Well, them and crooks are the only ones with Outright prices. Coral were the onsite bookie when I was captivated by the venue and witnessed a blockbuster final between Barneveld and Baxter. Memory flash back...It's Sunday afternoon and we're in the pub near the venue having a few liveners before the final and in walks the grinning Rocket with his then mrs, one of the original screaming tv wives. Great times. Great final!
When: 23 Mar 22 03:35
Wacked a ton deposit with corals...
Quickly went down their Outrights list and clicked on 3 players for starters

What I wanted and what was offered
£20 @ 50/1 e/w = 4p
£10 @ 80/1 e/w = 25p
£5 @ 200/1 e/w = 1p

Utter C@nts!

I never had a problem with Corals until they merged with crooks. Slowly, then rapidly my bets went to traders who offered me pennies instead of closing accounts. I should've known this before depositing as Sporting and Sportsbook are the only ones left standing my darts bets. I posted this before on another thread(s), and my former employee will be getting loaded on soon.
When: 23 Mar 22 03:46
I tried crooks just to see...Account Closed...Maybe I told them to close it, though I don't recall? Back to typing the Outrights it is then...
When: 23 Mar 22 04:10
Talking of prosperity I placed those 3 bets. F@cking W@nkers!
4p e/w
25p e/w
1p e/w

Withdrawal of £99.40 will take 8hrs. How apt, Peter Tosh (the coolest forthright man ever) - Downpresser playing on the ytube Cool
When: 23 Mar 22 04:27
OUTRIGHTS from those b@stard crooks.
The only one's with prices so far...

Connor Scutt 6/1 Fav
Cameron Menzies 9/1
Jim McEwan 9/1
Martin Adams 11/1

Michael Warburton 11/1
James Richardson 12/1
Richard Veenstra 12/1
Luke Littler 12/1 Aged 14*!!!

Wayne Warren 14/1
Neil Duff 16/1
Shaun McDonald 16/1 and you thought Dolan was slow!!

James Hurrell 20/1

Thibault Tricole 20/1
Jarred Co!e 20/1
Scott Marsh 25/1
Paul Hogan 25/1

Brian Raman 25/1
Justin Thompson 28/1
Andy Bastens 40/1
Jules van Dongen 50/1

Mark Barelli 50/1
Ryan de Vreede 50/1
Dave Prins 80/1 Really! Now 50/1
Haupai Puha 80/1

Johnny Haines 100/1
Dave Parletti 100/1
Steve Hine 100/1
Anthony Allen 100/1

David Cameron 100/1
Nick Fullwell 100/1
Aaron Turner 100/1
Sebastian Steyer 100/1

Ben Hazel 100/1
John Desreumaux 200/1
Leonard Gates 200/1
Rory Hansen 200/1

Jordan Brookes 200/1
John Scott 200/1
Andreas Harrysson 200/1
Mark Graham 200/1

Kevin Luke 200/1
Lee Shewan 200/1
Landon Gardner 200/1
Shawn Burt 200/1

Laszio Kadar 200/1
Ian Jones 200/1
Donovan Lottering 250/1
Francesco Raschini 250/1

Draw bracket to follow...

*Luke might be 15 now! Grin
When: 23 Mar 22 05:00
Mens Draw Bracket

1st Quarter
John Scott/Johnny Haines v Brian Raman (1)
Martin Adams/Jarred Cole v Anthony Allen (16)
Ben Hazel/Haupai Puha v Luke Littler (8)
Andreas Harrysson/Laszio Kadar v Richard Veenstra (9)

2nd Quarter
Landon Gardiner/Jim McEwan v Aaron Turner (4)
Mark Graham/Dave Prins v Michael Warburton (13)
Paul Hogan/Justin Thompson v Neil Duff (5)
Mark Barilli/Rory Hansen v Nick Fullwell (12)

3rd Quarter
Connor Scutt/Shawn Burt v Thibault Tricole (2)
Steve Hine/Kevin Luke v Leonard Gates (15)
Dave Parletti/Shaun McDonald v Andy Baetens (7)
James Richardson/Sebastian Steyer v Scott Marsh (10)

4th Quarter
Lee Shewan/Jordan Brooks v Wayne Warren (3)
Ian Jones/David Cameron v Cameron Menzies (14)
John Desreumaux/Donovan Lottering v James Hurrell (6)
Francesco Raschini/Ryan de Vreede v Jules van Dongen 11)
When: 23 Mar 22 05:01
^ ^ ^ Seeds in brackets
When: 23 Mar 22 06:35
The WDF Women's World Championship takes place without 3 multiple World Champions, plus a player (world trophy winner on her ultimate darts card) controlled by her management. World trophy is like the Shanghai Masters.

Lisa Ashton 4x world champion - Was still a PDC Pro Tour Card holder when the draw was originally made so she was ineligible. Won 3 of the 4 recent women's series events. Clearly the current best woman darts player in the world. Regularly averaging 90+ in modus online live league against the men with many wins in high 90's+

Anastasia Dobromyslova 3x world champion - Hissed at and dissed by all at the then BDO when she returned from a spell as the original PDC poster girl for ladies darts. How she rose above the clear vitriol live on tv to win another world championship. In today's current climate it would be a hate crime. And guess what! The WDF withdrew her from this world championship as she is Russian born. Made no difference she married an English dart player and made England her home many many years ago.

Trina Gulliver - Just 10x world champion - Took a break from darts to deal with health issues. A legend of the sport.

Fallon Sherrock Zero world champion - Shoehorned in following Anna's exclusion. Within a week of accepting a 2nd invite (she was due to play on the Monday Evening and still only 43 tickets were sold for that session, yet she's meant to be one of the games biggest draw) she was Withdrawn from this world championship. Not once but twice she Withdrew! Plays in no pressure exhibitions, and looking at the Lakeside world championship dates and her exhibition dates, she is doing nothing of note.

Maybe Modus will put laughing Fallon in the online live league that week, being the c@nts they are wouldn't surprise me. I'm more surprised she isn't playing Lakeside as her boyfriend is 2nd fav in the men's world champs. What a winning double that could've been! Surely she'll be there to support him like he did her at Ally Pally? All a bit confusing.

Still there's always Aaron and Laura Turner flying the couples flag in their respective comps.

Women's draw bracket

1st Quarter
Lorraine Hyde/Tori Kewish v Deta Hedman (1)
Vicky Pruim/Desi Mercer v Lorraine Winstanley (8)

2nd Quarter
Laura Turner/Mikuru Suzuki v Aileen de Graaf (4)
Paula Murphy/Veronika Ihasz v Beau Greaves (5)

3rd Quarter
Paula Jacklin/Rhian O'Sullivan v Corrine Hammond (2)
Amanda Harwood/Marjolein Noijens v Maria O'Brien (7)

4th Quarter
Priscilla Steenbergen/Darlene van Sleeuwen v Anca Zijlstra (3)
Suzanne Smith/Jo Clements v Kirsty Hutchinson (6)
When: 23 Mar 22 06:42
Maria O'Brien or Anca Zijstra?
When: 23 Mar 22 06:43
ACDC - A Whole lot of Rosie
When: 23 Mar 22 06:47
Boy's World Championship

Semi Finals - Best of 3 Sets
Luis Liptow v Bradly Roes
Leighton Bennett v Charlie Large

Final - Best of 5 Sets
When: 23 Mar 22 06:50
Girls world championship

Final - Best of 3 Sets
Eleanor Cairns v Wibke Riemann
When: 23 Mar 22 07:00
Women's format
Up to and including 1/4's - Best of 3 Sets
Semi - Best of 5 Sets
Final - Best of 7 Sets

When: 24 Mar 22 05:14
8/1 the field! Co favs of 3!
Scutt out 2 points to 8/1, Menzies and McEwan in a point to 8/1.

The men's Outrights are like the Grand National. The odd point or 2 drift, and huge price shortenings.

My 3 yesterday with Joe's were:
Dave Prins @ 50/1 e/w 4p
Haupai Puha @ 80/1 e/w 25p
Leonard Gates @ 200/1 e/w 1p

I'm on with Sporting (Win Only!) Prins was a trading referral.

Prins @ 50/1...opened 80's
Puha @ 80/1...into 40's
Gates @ 40/1 Cry...opened 200/1...into 20/1

Following the latest draw seeds shuffle I've gone with these for each Quarter...leaving out the local Midlands players.

F@ck crooks, I'm using Sporting odds, then Sportsbook when they can be bothered to join in. Still nothing from billies though they've got the block on my vpn?

1st Quarter
Puha @ 80/1
Veenstra @ 14/1

2nd Quarter
McEwan is 8/1
Prins @ 50/1

3rd Quarter
Scott is 8/1
Tricole @ 20/1
Gates @ 40/1
Baetens @ 40/1

4th Quarter
Menzies is 8/1

1st Quarter
Puha @ 80/1 - I've been impressed with Puha and he was on my short list when added.

Veenstra @ 14/1 - This curly haired b@stard saw off the Butcher/Undertaker after the leaning tower of Heydon blew several match darts in the Masters. A player non plussed with the pdc and unfazed playing Lakeside. A danger in this field of Herberts.

2nd Quarter
McEwan is 8/1
Prins @ 50/1

McEwan has to be on the shortlist for his recent darting exploits alone. Riding high on the Challenge Tour and modus champions league winner. I expected better from him in the final. He showed some frailties after leading 2-0 in a race to 4 legs. It soon became 2-2 and the wobbles started, from both players. For that I gave the Scot a squiggle and kept him off my Outrights.

Prins - Opened at attractive (to me) yet prohibitive odds against 76 years young Stoneface in the Seniors World Championship. Soon shortened into 1/14 when "game on" was called and beat Lowe in straight sets without dropping a leg? Lowebo in his post match interview gave high praise to Prins performance. Saying it was one of the best ever against him. Take that 91 winning average with a pinch of salt. Though some winning legs were outstanding. Not to be repeated the next match in the evening against Thornton.

In a field of 64 players, Prins won last week's Isle of Man Open beating Wayne Warren in the final. Also saw off two other 2 Lakeside competitors in littler and Barilli. He has good experience under the bright tv lights and won't be fazed.

3rd Quarter
Scutt is 8/1
Tricole @ 20/1
Gates @ 40/1
Baetens @ 40/1.

Scutt has been impressive in modus where he loves a 180. One of the 5 pdc tour card holders in the line up. Some great stats and results from the pro tour and clear to see why he's at the top of the market. The snag at the short outright price is lack of tv experience and the opening round best of 3 Sets is pretty brutal. Plus he faces a tough opponent should be win his 1st round match.

Tricole - French No1. After a ropey start playing in Modus live league he soon became a regular and starting producing the goods. Plays the winner of Scutt/Burt. Tricole and Scutt has some cracking matches against each other, then got drawn in the same quarter. I fancied the winner of this match (Burt will have something to say about that) to have a decent run in the Worlds but 2 months later I sure didn't expect to see them so far apart in the outrights.

Leonard Gates - USA! USA! Former soldier. Man with huge b@llocks! Leonard did everything but hit that winning double to claim his tour card at Q School. Incredible to see him blow it in several matches where he had match darts. At the time I thought his @rse fell out. Power scoring aplenty and something to work on. So when I saw he was priced @ 200/1 I thought it was a typo. Lucky for me Joe's let me have 1p e/w at the Price - B@stards! Shortened into 20/1. Must have been a typo after all.

Baetens - something in the back of my mind stood out. That's enough about him. Might come back to him once I check his latest figures.

4th Quarter
Menzies is 8/1

Menzies - Where to start with this character!? Wins tour card at Q School, takes to the pro tour like a duck to water and along the way smashes Sherrock and Goblin. That's enough already. Hand him the trophy. Good stats and results, and in a Quarter of guess who's? I have to say I know little or nothing about the majority of that Quarter such is the busy darting schedule amongst other things I'm doing. In the past I'd have researched all players. Now I just wing it. Wink

Of the other Lakeside players an obvious nod to fellow Midland lads Steve, Nick, and Ian. I have stories of escapades with all 3 but I can't resist this one memory lane trip, plus it's solely darts related. Jonesy...Do you know Ian Jones lost in the first round to Mark Webster the year Webby was crowned BDO World Champion. Well quite some years ago I played Ian in a  tournament in a first round match...Exciting so far? We practiced all of 10 minutes and as ready as can be for an opening match...f@cking boring this hey...Anyway we bull up. Nearest the bull to see who throws first. Ian hits the bull, I also hit the bull. We throw again. I'm first this time. I hit the bull. Ian also hits the bull. 3rd time lucky...yep, Ian hits the bull for a 3rd time, I hit 25 and Ian has the darts.

Some years later I return to darkest Birmingham and mid tournament with many beverages consumed someone cops hold of me and with a big smile says ..."Hey DnB remember all those bulls we hit going nearest to bull." Yeah f@ck off Jonesy.

Good luck against the former Tory b@stard namesake. His best mate Fullwell (level five black belt, maybe higher now) won his PDC tour card and is another who's played BDO World Championship. His last match was underwhelming and put me off
backing him. Available @ 80/1 which sums up his current form. Come on Nick get it together.

Ok another quick story...I entered a tourny and looking around the room I fancied my chances. In walks Nick bang on the button last minute. Nick makes the final and plays against the player who beat me in the semi...This is not the story...this is me waffling as no f@cker else is posting...In the final something happened mid match and there was a bit of squaring up, and also after the match. I'll leave it there. BTW as you're itching to know, Nick won the final.

Actually there was an incident in the 90's during a final in Coventry where on stage mid match a player punched his opponent in the face and got disqualified. Can't remember the player. Bugging me now. Might have been a 2nd comp, running along side the main Open. Sometimes known as 1st round losers comp. The Midland Open was a huge event and attracted 100's of players from all over the UK. Everything was still BDO, before the split.

That leaves the Muffin Man who trumps both with PDC World Championship appearance. One of a few players who will take to Lakeside stage looking like he hasn't a care in the world. Only drinks Coca cola I'll have you know. He may add something to it come match time but generally one of the few who sticks to soft drinks away from the tv cameras.

P.S. DnB has gone to the twitter darkside. A valid enough reason to post screenshots of Joe's 1p e/w maximum stake allowed bet. That concludes today's darting sermon.

And I've still not checked my original outright predictions emails...
When: 24 Mar 22 19:14
This is on box anywhere DnB or any books site?  Will determine whether I have a bet...
When: 27 Mar 22 04:53
Prins ko'd Warren in 2nd round isle of man not the final. My typing fingers in a constant battle with my brain...

Colupaul, it's all live on tv...channels Eurosport and discovery+

Are they subscription services or free to air?

Count yourself lucky, or maybe not if you have to pay. My live streams will be on buffering mode throughout, so I'll likely be watching on a scoreboard. Don't have this problem with Modus on ytube.

WDF World Championship - Lakeside - Tournament Average spread:
Under/Over 87.5 @ 5/6 each of two

Forever optimistic - Overs for me
When: 27 Mar 22 15:09
Found this...

WDF World Championship 2022 Day One: Afternoon Session
WDF World Championship • Darts
Shown on
Eurosport 2
When: 28 Mar 22 05:12
Nice of Spoils b@stards to join the outright market with odds cloned from Crooks. No brains the lot of 'em. Though quick enough to limit to pennies and close accounts for those who have. That's three parasite company's on board. 365 love the modus online league that much they part fund it, yet no sign from them on Lakeside prices/matches.

This darting fiasco is meant to start this coming Saturday.

I had a link for the daily schedule of play and it's vanished. Don't try looking on the WDF site as it's as sh!te as the BDO site used to be.

Mason suggests it might not go ahead as Lakeside owner Bob Potter is funding the £300K prize money and is £200K down after poor ticket sales hovering around 18% sold yet for months there's been no price reductions. This interview lasted 46 minutes. Surely Mason and Phat Phil know Bob's onsight hotels are accommodating large amounts of immigrants, thus he's milking it in from the government.

"Age rage"...New slogan for over 50's in 2022.

"Age rage" defined by former dream boy Gary Anderson, and myself. Grrrrrr

Acapulco is in one big party mode following Mexico's 1-0 win over Hunduras in world cup qualifier. Music galore and fireworks a plenty.

5 doors down from my accommodation is where the Luchra wrestling promotions take place for tv. I peeked through a gap the other day and though not a wrestling fan I quite like the masks. I'll try getting in one day to witness a bit of action. This scenario would be mind blowing for a fan like Edgar.

And now the karaoke down the street is in full swing Japanese destroying of songs style. So much for setting the time to UK (5am now) and 10pm here and still wide awake. No darts tomorrow so no 2am/3am alarm.

P.S. Walked by a bar yesterday early afternoon and looked in...2 blokes p!ssed at their table, a big woman behind the counter staring at me, and to my right 4 people at a table full of drinks with two asleep. Not really darts news is it....but wait...above them on the wall is a tv and on it...I did a double a woman on top of a bloke (both n@ked) clear as day riding him. Welcome to Mexico!

Black ball me bfmf. I ramble to myself on twitter now, though limited letters per tweet unlike here.

Just remembered...

On Saturday sees the return of the "no shame" Jacklins. Don't know what's worse, Paula's abysmal World Championship record or these karaoke howlers. Wolfie is due to open proceedings against young Jarred Cole (a modus live league regular). Have a guess who his management are?
When: 28 Mar 22 18:17
Sportsbook finally joins the Outright party.
But who will be first with match betting odds?
When: 28 Mar 22 19:24
These odds compilers for individual sports like this lower level event, do they now get apprentices to trawl darts forums, fb and twitter for t!tbits (like I used to do) or do they use the freely available (if you look) latest stats information on these WDF players of the lower ranks?

All players in the men's event have The ability to hit The mid 80's mark, it's those closer to 90 which will prevail. But still, it's hold in 18 (16/17/18) and break in 15 (13/14/15). Those 21 (19/20/21) darts winning holds will no doubt be stacked as players miss doubles.

Someone reading these posts must have an opinion of which players they fancy to win matches with high 80's+?

The inclusion of Lisa and Fallon could've ignighted the men's tournament even if only for my viewing pleasure.

And back to those lovely bookies 6 so far (2 combined)...The outrights overround will cause few problem liabilities for these f@ckers. Best book is 136%. Wonder who the worst is?

20 bookies (some combined) priced the grand national with overround of 170%. I was the punters pal and glad I got out albeit 4 years too late.

When: 28 Mar 22 19:37
About to re-write the draw bracket and I cannot believe I left out "Sh@ggy" from the Midlands contingent. He's the nearest to me of those players. Back when I was still active Anthony had long flowing hair hence the nickname. As a seed he plays Wolfie or Cole in his Lakeside debut. He knows his level and like most has a full time job. All the very best to that man.
When: 30 Mar 22 13:10
The first gift from the darting gods has arrived. Reminiscent of the times Taylor started every tournament odds on fav. 2x back to back and current Ladies World Champion Mikuru Suzuki is priced up as the 4/5 jolly with Sporting. Mikuru is having a blow out with a couple of days at modus online live league where she has held her own with mid 80's-90 averages. 3 wins from 5 yesterday with all her opponents starting odds on from 1/4 to 1/7. Tailed off a bit today, Wolfie style, but seen enough to know she's on her game.

Of the other contenders, the mighty Beau "and arrow" Greaves @ 8/1 is a live wire. The big negative is her documented stage fright which she will have to overcome with the added pressure of tv and the bright lights. Though her recent 3 from 3 titles at Isle of Man could be a turning point.

Deta @ 8/1, the JW of the ladies game. Won pretty much everything bar a world title.

Lorraine Winstanley @ 10/1 another of the fancied runners.

The draw is totally lob sided with the top half stacked with the best players.

This leaves Corrine @ 6/1 2nd fav in the bottom half along side O'Brien @ 16/1

Draw bracket
1st Quarter Seeds
Deta v Winstanley

2nd Quarter Seeds - Mikuru unseeded
Mikuru/De Graaf v Beau

3rd Quarter Seeds - Rhian unseeded
Rhian/Corrine v O'Brien

4th Quarter Seeds
Anca v Kirsty

Ladies Outright Odds:
Mikuru 4/5 Fav
Corrine 6/1
Deta 8/1
Beau 8/1
Winstanley 10/1
Aileen d Graaf 16/1
O'Brien 16/1
Anca 20/1
Kirsty 20/1
Rhian 50/1

Bar 66/1

Champion - Mikuru @ 4/5
Next best - Rhian on the h'cap v Jacklin
When: 30 Mar 22 13:22
K!ll me already!
Mikuru and Beau 7/4 jt favs with Joe n Crooks
When: 30 Mar 22 13:41
Quite a bit of market moving in the Ladies Outrights with Sporting (and those other two):
Mikuru 4/5 out to 7/4 jt fav
Beau 8/1 to 7/4 jt fav
Rhian 50/1 to 12/1

Can't see a timeline for the market movers on oddschecker.

I've added Mikuru 7/4 with my 4/5...returning 11/8
When: 30 Mar 22 13:45
Anyone on here get on Beau @ 8/1 for a score or more? Some price drop that. Looking forward to see how it goes
When: 30 Mar 22 14:45
With all the excitement of the Ladies outrights moves it's time to revisit the men's as there's a few notable movers...namely Nick Fullwell 80/1 into 25/1. Nick was much improved (about time Nicholas!) over the weekend in Germany on the pro tour. Winning 1st round with a 93.5, along side a couple of losing averages of 95 and 89. 80/1 for one of the five tour card holders in this event was always on the high side but at the time his form wasn't good.

Billies are keen to take on the market and pushed the prices out, except Connor Scutt, priced at a short 6/1 fav - Highlighted as their player to keep on side.

While the standard won't be Premier League stuff (pdc pro tour euro weekend had overall averages of 90.84 & 90.01.

These wdf champs players are not too far behind that. And here's the but...but some on forums (and here) and usual online sites are describing this event as the comedy of the year. An absolute shambles and embarrassment. It's f@@king sh!te etc... That's fine. We know how it is when the majority of these posters don't even know their way round a dartboard let alone played anywhere close to these levels. Nor had the b@llocks to enter tournaments, or step onto a big stage. Try any of these I dare. As Bobby says when the ref calls "game on" you want your mummy.

All levels in any sport are different...darts is no different, plus always a chance for us to make some money.

Isn't this why people look in in here, to make money? Can't only be to see the latest sh!t I've posted.

P.S. For a good mocking of this event visit tsod forum (and the dart forum.) There you will find the biggest non dart player, yet biggest p!ss taker/knocker of them all...GM aka JC/knob of the week infamy.

3 days to go... Excited Excited
When: 30 Mar 22 20:21
Beau 7/4--->15/8 and Mikuru 7/4
When: 30 Mar 22 20:22
Beau 7/4--->15/8 and Mikuru 7/4
When: 30 Mar 22 20:23
3rd time lucky...Beau 7/4--->15/8 and Mikuru 7/4
When: 30 Mar 22 20:26
Beau 7/4--->15/8 and Mikuru 7/4
When: 30 Mar 22 20:26
You are joking...plan b...
When: 30 Mar 22 20:34
Beau 7/4--->15/8 and Mikuru 7/4
When: 30 Mar 22 20:36
Nope, copy n paste gone to pot. F@ck it...time to head to the beach and collapse  on the sand like a castaway. Only 30oc today
When: 30 Mar 22 23:08
Four picks for me all sit in the same quarter... Mischief waiting on Slybet and 356 to see if any standout prices offered...
When: 31 Mar 22 16:19
Billies now best price about Mikuru @ 2/1 though it took a trader referal to get on with my former employer. What traders? They binned them off for button monkeys to follow competitors markets and bf moves. Normally when boarding a train the price comes in. My train continues to crawl along enjoying the view before picking up speed...4/5, 7/4, 15/8, 2/1. "Miracle on Lakeside."

Still no match odds though bookies are quick to price up modus league matches...chop chop...2 days to go...
When: 31 Mar 22 23:53
Match odds are in...
I marked Wolfie as a 4/9 poke v young Jarrod. 365 are best with 8/11

Sportsbook odds - Best of 3 Sets (brutal)

Saturday Afternoon Session 1pm in UK
Wolfie 4/6 v Cole 11/10
Scott 7/4 v Haines 2/5
Hazel 7/4 v Puta 2/5
Harrysson 4/7 v Kadar 5/4

Saturday Evening Session 7pm in UK
McEwan 1/9 v Gardiner 5/1
Barilli 4/7 v Hansen 5/4
Graham 7/4 v Prins 2/5
Hogan 8/13 v Thompson 6/5
When: 01 Apr 22 14:34
Ladies 1st round - Best of 3 Sets

Sportsbook odds

Saturday Afternoon
Jacklin 325/1 v Rhian O'Sullivan 2/7
Harwood 8/13 v Noijens 6/5

Saturday Evening
Steenbergen 8/11 v van Sleeuwen evs
Suzanne Smith 15/8 v Clements 4/11
When: 01 Apr 22 15:38
Busy extended weekend schedule for the 5 pdc players in the WDF Lakeside Worlds with the pro tour and challenge tour events thrown in.

Connor Scutt 7/1 is playing pdc pro tour in Barnsley today, Lakeside tomorrow evening, then back to Barnsley Sunday.

These 4 are playing in all 3 in Barnsley then onto Lakeside:
Cameron Menzies 6/1
Nick Fullwell 20/1
Brian Raman 25/1
Jules van Dongen 33/1

Jim McEwan 10/1, No1 on the Challenge tour order of merit is missing from the CT in Germany this weekend. Also declined the pdc pro tour invites in Barnsley. Plays Lakeside tomorrow evening.

3 CT players are playing in Germany then onto Lakeside:
Thibault Tricole 16/1
Mike Warburton 12/1
Scott Marsh 33/1

Mike Warburton gave up his day job to focus on darts full time. A regular on the Modus online live league, and challenge tour. Goes into Lakeside as the current modus weekly champion where he pocketed £2k - Appearence money is Never disclosed.

That's about it for the men. If I've missed anyone out...
When: 01 Apr 22 17:22
Thanks for clearing that up DnB, I saw both Raman and Scutt were in action with the PDC over the weekend, a tad confusing Crazy not the best prep for the WDF tourney surely?  Raman was one of my 4 outright picks, I will leave him now...
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