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Darts Darts Darts 2012

Chizzy delivers the goods with a 106+ Average on Sat, and 100+ Average on Sun.
A whopping 288/1 weekend winning double, plus a 99/1 place double = 387pts!
Singles only for me over both days but still returned 52 pts, and a profit of 39pts.
Roll on Thursday for the UK Open, and a host of possible price slip ups by the bookies.
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Thurs 07th June 2012

Prelim Round:
Nigel Heydon v Paul Critchley (Speedy Employee qualifier)

First Round:
rileys wigan qualifier or lee russell v Nigel Heydon or paul critchley (seq)

Second Round:
Rileys Wigan Qualifier/Russell/Nigel Heydon/Critchley v Rileys Wolverhampton Qualifier/andrew Cornwall/ john Bowles

Friday 08th june 2012: Last 64?

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05 May 2012
THE final eight Speedy Qualifiers for the Speedy Services UK Open have been found following Speedy's employee-only event in Haydock.

The eight join 24 previous qualifiers in winning places in the UK Open's televised finals in Bolton in June, with three of the players - Stuart Daniels, Kirk Gordon and Darrin Pugh - having competed in the event last year.

They were joined by Ben Johnson, Paul Critchley, Andy Melling, Mark Kelly and Mark Spencer in winning through to compete in Bolton.
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Darts Specials

19 Jan 12 11:18

1st Player to retain their title in 2012

Nobody to Retain their Titles

Phil Taylor (Matchplay) July
11/4 sky bet 2pts
(Bet accepted)                                                                       

Gary Anderson (Prem Lge) May

Phil Taylor (World Grand Prix) October

James Wade (UK Open) June

Phil Taylor (Grand Slam) *Not Champion* ???

Adrian Lewis ( World Champs) January 2013

1st Player to win a PDC Major (Any year) - Only these 7 players count.

Andy Hamilton

Dave Chisnall

Wes Newton

Mark Webster

Simon Whitlock
sky bet 2pts                                                                               

Justin Pipe

Peter Wright
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What better way to gauge the tired BDO V PDC argument...

Gary was a bit of an enigma whilst in the bdo, so i thought i'd look into his stats  and the more i delved into this the more remarkable it got. As you will see, a pattern clearly emerges:

Gary Anderson BDO World Championship Stats 2002 - 2009:

2002 Lost 1st round 3-0 sets v Wayne Mardle.
Anderson 81.69 Mardle 97.11

2003 Won 1st round 3-1 v Peter Johnstone
Anderson (85.65) Johnstone (86.28)
Won 2nd round 3-1 v Andy Fordham
Anderson (99.48) Fordham (97.62)
Won 1/4 final 5-0 v Bob Taylor
Anderson (94.23) Bob Taylor (87.45)
Lost semi final 5-2 v Ritchie Davies
Anderson (92.85) Davies (96.39)

2004 Lost 1st round 3-0 v O'Shea
Gary Anderson (85.47) Tony O'Shea (88.29)

2005 Lost 1st round 3-1 v Raymond van Barneveld
Gary Anderson (88.11) Barneveld (95.49)

2006 Won 1st round 3-1 v Gary Robson (80.94)
Gary Anderson (79.92) Robson (80.94)
Lost 2nd round 4-1 Raymond van Barneveld
Anderson (93.84) Barneveld (96.51)

2007 Lost 1st round 3-2 v Albertino Essers
Anderson (89.10) Albertino Essers (87.90)

2008 Lost 1st round 3-2 v Fabian Roosenbrand
Anderson 88.56 Roosenbrand (84.33)

2009 Won 1st round 3-2 v Robert Wagner)
Gary Anderson (95.15) Wagner (88.33)
Won 2nd round v Robert Hughes
Gary Anderson (94.88) Hughes (87.63)
Lost 1/4 final 5-2 v O'Shea
Gary Anderson (89.49) Tony O'Shea (87.12)

2 - 81.69
3 - 93.05
4 - 85.47
5 - 88.11
6 - 86.88
7 - 89.10
8 - 88.56
9 - 92.46


Gary Anderson PDC World Championship Stats:

2010 Won 1st round  3-2 v Jamie Caven
Anderson 93.11 Caven 93.17
Lost 2nd round 4-0 v Ronnie Baxter
Anderson 90.98 Baxter 97.51

2011 Won 1st round 3-0 v Hashimoto
Anderson 103.26 Hashimoto 87.44
Won 2nd round 4-2 v Dennis Priestley
Anderson 103.44 Priestley 97.26
Won 3rd round 4-0 v Andy Smith
Anderson 108.39 Smith 92.97
Won 1/4 final 5-1 v Raymond van Barneveld
Anderson 102.75 van Barneveld 93.79
Won semi final 6-2 v Terry Jenkins
Anderson 101.11 Jenkins 97.01
Lost Final 7-5 v Adrian Lewis
Anderson 99.41 Lewis 99.40

2012 Won 1st round 3-2 v Artut
Anderson 95.93 Artut 86.94
Won 2nd round 4-2 v Petersen
Anderson 93.61 Petersen 91.75
Won 3rd round 4-1 Lloyd
Anderson 100.65 Lloyd 87.59
Lost 1/4 final 5-1 v Whitlock
Anderson 93.29 Whitlock 95.24

2010 - 92.05
2011 - 103.06
2012 - 95.87


Overall Average: 92.57
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Local lad Nigel Heydon has been given a brutal first round draw against current Darts World Champion Adrian Lewis.

Like one on one individual sports, anything's possible on the day. Lewis can be unplayable at times but he's also known to put in some right stinkers.

Although it points to a 3-0 set win for Lewis don't write off "The Undertaker" Cool

Ladbrokes World Darts Championship Draw:

Preliminary Round
Connie Finnan (Republic of Ireland) v Warren French (New Zealand)
Haruki Muramatsu (Japan) v Dennis Nilsson (Sweden)
Devon Petersen (South Africa) v Jose De Souza (Portugal)
Joe Cullen (England) v Oliver Ferenc (Serbia)
Kevin Munch (Germany) v Lee Choon Peng (Malaysia)
Paul Barham (England) v Scott MacKenzie (Hong Kong)
Per Laursen (Denmark) v Petri Korte (Finland)
Dietmar Burger (Austria) v Christian Perez (Philippines)

First Round & Draw Bracket

First Quarter:
Phil Taylor (1, England) v Muramatsu/Nilsson
Mark Dudbridge (32, England) v Dave Chisnall (England)
Vincent van der Voort (16, Netherlands) v Mark Hylton (England)
Andy Hamilton (17, England) v Antonio Alcinas (Spain)
Raymond van Barneveld (8, Netherlands) v James Richardson (England)
Brendan Dolan (25, Northern Ireland) v Kim Huybrechts (Belgium)
Paul Nicholson (9, Australia) v Mensur Suljovic (Austria)
Alan Tabern (24, England) v Burger/Perez

Second Quarter:
Simon Whitlock (5, Australia) v Dennis Smith (England)
Steve Beaton (28, England) v Magnus Caris (Sweden)
Mervyn King (12, England) v Geoff Kime (Australia)
Colin Osborne (21, England) v Michael van Gerwen (Netherlands)
Gary Anderson (4, Scotland) v Jyhan Artut (Germany)
Steve Brown (29, England) v Petersen/de Sousa
Colin Lloyd (13, England) v Darin Young (USA)
Andy Smith (20, England) v Scott Rand (England)

Third Quarter:
Adrian Lewis (2, England) v Nigel Heydon (England)
Robert Thornton (31, Scotland) v Ian White (England)
Wayne Jones (15, England) v Barham/MacKenzie
Jamie Caven (18, England) v Roland Scholten(Netherlands)
Wes Newton (7, England) v Kurt van de Rijck (Belgium)
Justin Pipe (26, England) v Sean Reed (Australia)
Terry Jenkins (10, England) v Cullen/Ferenc
Co Stompe (23, Netherlands) v Michael Smith (England)

Fourth Quarter:
Mark Webster (6, Wales) v Richie Burnett (Wales)
John Part (27, Canada) v John Henderson (Scotland)
Mark Walsh (11, England) v Finnan/French
Kevin Painter (22, England) v Arron Monk (England)
James Wade (3, England) v Laursen/Korte
Peter Wright (30, England) v Jelle Klaasen (Netherlands)
Ronnie Baxter (14, England) v Steve Farmer (England)
Denis Ovens (19, England) v Munch/Choon Peng

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What a great day for Leamington and their No1 Dart player Nigel Heydon.

A bit about "The Undertaker" Nigel Heydon.

After a string of brilliant results on the players championship tour, this qualification to the tv stage is thoroughly deserved.

The added beauty of the grand slam event is it's a guaranteed 3 matches minimum of tv experience and exposure.

Nige loves being on the main stage and will no doubt thrive in the limelight and the top boys have known for a while he's one to beware of and will only get better with every tv event as he adjusts to the bright lights and surroundings.

Having already secured a place in the PDC World Championship 2012 this will be the perfect build up.

Nigel made his tv debut at the World Championship @ Ally Pally last year where he played Robert Thornton in the first round. He never got going until he was 2-0 sets down and missed doubles to make it 2-2 sets all before eventually losing 3-1. That experience alone whetted his appetite for more tv appearances as his hunger and desire to succeed drove him on.

After a brilliant year, Nige currently sits 35th in the pdc players championship order of merit table. His form has been outstanding and with 2 remaining players champs, this weekend, a top 32 place would earn him another tv date in Doncaster, early December.

He's relentless on the treble 20's, be it down the local pub with his mates, in matches and/or in exhibitions. His rise up the rankings has been nothing short of sensational! He might be an undertaker, but he has a heart of gold as all his exhibitions are played for charity.

This is your chance to shine!!! Leamington salutes you! Well done Nige!!!

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