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Matt's Emigration

So, today was spent partly running round like a lunatic buying last minute things for my holiday and partly watching the drama that was the T20 Champions League. I'm not sure how much to go into my thoughts on the 2nd champs league game. It was, at the very least, (as beefy would say) strange! To lose coverage at such a key time is remarkable and to regain coverage on the final ball of the game is truly incredible. I'm not going to be in the country for the next bunch of games, but it will be interesting to see if the pattern continues!

I made a tidy sum (about 350 quid) on the first game, but was in a horrific position at ht of the second game having failed to believe KKR would falter so badly. The RTD runout, in particular, hurt me. I was -2100 Aukland, +1600 KKR, but thanks to a few big lays at 1.1x and 1.4x I managed to salvage a loss of around 50 quid and that felt like a better result than the first game!!

As I have to be at Manchester airport at silly o'clock in the morning, the plan was to be asleep for 9, but that blatently isn't going to happen! I'm sat here blogging and watching some guys trying to sell the idea of a beehive on Dragons Den!! I may even stay up to trade the Giants game later and go straight to the airport after that! Can't beat a pint in the bar at 7am knowing ur flying to the other side of the world :)

On top of that i'm 26 on Wednesday so celebrating on the beach has to be the order of the day! I wish all u guys trading the Champs League the very best of luck. Please don't get overexposed tho guys as this afternoon has prove that it really is the "crack cocaine" of cricket betting!! LaughLaugh

All the best

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