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Matt's Emigration

An update and an apology

29 Oct 11 17:30
Good evening folks!

So i'd like to start this edition / post with an apology - I haven't posted for at least 2 weeks, which is somehing i'm certainly not proud of.

I've been having to sort so much stuff out that I just didn't anticipate prior to moving abroad. I won't go into specific details, but it's mighty harder than u could imagine moving abroad!! (congrats to morse who evidently made the switch to his spanish mansion with no dramas! Wink )

So I think i've finally sorted most of the things I needed to sort. I absolutely love the fact that I feel significantly healthier than I did in the UK, a bad day here is slightly couldy and 85 degrees and the girls are fantastic! I've started working out to try to alliviate the boredom that living out here provides! My mate works 9-1 and 6-10 so if there's no sport to trade I have to find something to keep me occupied!

I now have an apartment with pool, a really good local bar to watch all the sport and some really good new friends. If I can inspire just one person to make the switch to sunnier climes i'll be delighted. It really is such a better lifestyle and, even tho the jobs don't pay as much, it's so much cheaper to live. My 2 bed apartment with pool and sea views is 600 euros. (550 quid!) All bills included, no council tax, 5% income tax!! Really really great!

Back to the betting. My overall p/l is poor for the last 3 weeks since I have been doing more betting on my iPhone and less "trading" due to internet issues. I feel better for the fact that im around 600 quid up since my internet issue was sorted 3 days ago. Made a few quid on the SA v aus game, the pak test and the t20. Added to a slightly fortunate punt on 3-0 utd in the caarling cup and it's turned into a reasonable week.

As I post liverpool v wba is about to start. I was guna lay the scousers at odds on as I don't fancy them to win, but 2.2 is jst slightly too big to lay for me, so will sit and wait for an in play opportunity. If all else fails and the game is a shocker, the pool is approximately 20 feet away so it' not all bad!! GrinGrin

Thanks for reading this and sticking by the blog through this big change, i'll be posting significantly more often from now on!!

Good luck guys! LoveLove

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