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Matt's Emigration
Why? Why?? Why???  Laugh

Ok so i'm not exactly living a poor life right now... Watching sport for a living, seeing a couple of really nice girls and having just come back from a Caribbean holiday... BUT...

Nothing ever seems to go easily for me! It may be that things just don't go easily for anyone full stop, and we all complain that we are 'unlucky' but the week before i'm due to go to Tenerife and try to begin a new life out there... my flatmate sends me a txt demanding more rent! Mischief

I am just venting at the mo, so apologies if this isn't the most informed and interesting post, but to quote the forum I am "incandescent with rage!!" haha!

It was always jst a temporary thing, and I only stay there mon-thurs, but she put it up from 30 quid a week, to 50, now she wants 75!!! This may seem a pittance to u cockneys, but trust me for 1 bedroom in Lancaster it's scandalous! It works out the equivalent of £570 / month which is a complete joke!! The apartments we've looked at in las americas are around 700 quid (350 each) with a pool and 1 minute from the beach!! Also, i've found so many incredible places in and around Manchester for a sight less and offering a sight more for the money!

It's her fcking boyfriend i'm sure of it... grrrrrrrrrrrr MischiefMischiefLaughLaugh

Anyway... rant over...

lost another 200 quid on the Zums game this afternoon after laying RCB at 1.1x and 1.2x and not getting out at 1.4x!

Annoyed because I was sure we'd see 4/6 on RCB on that road but just didn't happen, had over 2k on zums too... oh well, what can you do??!

Can't wait for the RWC quarters next weekend... going to be a fantastic final weekend in the UK!! Looking forward to a busy week, where i'm hoping to turn in a 2k profit... fingers crossed heh! Blush

Be lucky!

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