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Matt's Emigration
Friday night

So it's 6.30am on Saturday 17th August... I've just come out of some girl's house after a quite brilliant night in York followed by a 'happy ending.' I look around... no one about. I pull my phone from my pocket... no battery. So i'm in the middle of nowhere in a town I have no clue about and I have to find the Marriott York... So which way, right or left? Right... 10 minutes later I spot my first person on the street, a paperboy. (grown man but nonetheless...)

Matt "Hi, can you please tell me where the hell the Marriott is?"
Paperboy "Oh... it's a fair way from here pal" (I didn't ask that genius, I asked where is it!)
Matt "Great, how far and which way?"
Paperboy "About half an hour, down there (points) and follow the road around"
Matt "Cheers"

45 minutes later i'm beginning to get tired and stressed. But wait... there's the racecourse and you can see the grandstand from our room in the hotel, result! Oh wait... I'm on the wrong side of the course, so either walk all the way around or just walk up the home straight and straight accross the course?? Obviously the latter!

So I can proudly say i've walked the final furlong of York racecourse having, not 30 minutes earlier, been hammering away at a married woman, who could down a pint of cider in under 5 seconds!! LaughLaugh ... what a night, York you absolute beauty!

Saturday night

4 hours sleep, another one of my mates rings... he's already in Leeds having his first beer and i've not even got out of bed - didn't trade the NRL, missed breakfast, jumped in the car while quite obviously still drunk and high tail it to Leeds. By the time we get there Arsenal are beaten by Blackburn (not good when 1 of ur mates is an Arsenal fan!)

I can't even look at a beer and it takes until 4pm before I start again, poor attempt Matt! Hotel is nice but the room isn't what we asked for, so my mate goes nuts! Go to Nandos for some food, my mate doesn't get what he wanted so he goes nuts again!! Laugh

Anyway, Leeds has to be the best place in England to go for a young man. I swear it's 3 girls to every guy and they're all stunning! Plenty of lionel things happen thatcertainly can't be written here, but as good if not better than last night. I'm still drunk now writing this so apologies for the rambling nature, but we got to get bck to Manchester to see the Warriors destroy Saints then watch Rooney and co tear the Chelsea pensioners apart (one can only hope!)

On the betting front it's been quiet, other than tick nicking in the France game this am, haven't had a bet all weekend (other than bets at the bar)

Off to the Dominican on tuesday, so will have many a story to tell i'm sure!

Good luck to you all trading the champs league - i'm sure it'll throw up plenty of 1.0x gubbings!

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