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Matt's Emigration

So yesterday belonged, predominantly, to a cricket side they said would be relegated. A side with no "stars". A side with a bunch of young english lads playing for each other and a coach that deserves huge credit...

Congratulations Lancashire! 10 wins from 16 is an incredible achievement and to come so close to making the FLT20 final (and a possible crack at the Champs League) and bounce back in such stunning fashion is credit to them!

On a personal note, it was a massively successful day for me thanks to warwickshire's inability to take wickets at the rose bowl and lanky smashing the somerset bowlers around the park to make their 200odd chase look very straightforward.

So, on to today and the rest of the weekend:

Unfortunately i'm not going to be able to trade any of the cricket this weekend (tho I agree with Michael Vaughan about India's chances today should they bat second) as i'm off on a lads weekend in two of the best cities for nights out in the north! York tonight and then Leeds tomorrow, can't wait!! Studentville in leeds (Headingly) is a superb place for a night out and, according to my mates, York is a beauty of a night out too!

I'll be watching both rugby matches this morning before the drive from Lancaster to York (Cry) and I think the all blacks could run riot against a second string Japan side. I don't have a strong enough opinion atm to back them on the cap pre match, but may well get involved in play. I also think the Warriors could cause the Tigers a few problems in the NRL eliminator, but again, one to trade in play.

I spent much of last night watching HBO's 24/7 on youtube and I have to say, the Victor Ortiz story is a pretty special one. Mum left at age 7, dad a few years later and he and his brother had nothing. To go from there to where he is today, with a fight with the best fighter of my generation is remarkable! I wish the kid luck and having watched the Andre Berto fight, he may just have a squeak. For those of you who haven't seen it, highlights are below - it was a remarkable fight. How he got a knock down when he looked done and dusted i'll never know!

Good luck to the lad. Mayweather appears to have mellowed slightly as he gets older, however he is still a remarkable fighter who will more than likely have too much for Ortiz. Hopefully i'll be back in the hotel in Leeds in time to watch! - Ortiz v Berto highlights

Ps. If anyone knows some decent bars in York, please feel free to post them so I know where the hell i'm going tonight! LaughLaugh


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