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14 Sep 11 18:31
Ok so I've been thinking about creating an online blog about my trials and tribulations for a while! Didn't really have any idea where to start online, so decided to do it here and this is the beginning...

So... a few random things for people to laugh / cry / sream / shout at me for:

1) both my parents despise gambling and gamblers
2) both my parents think I work for a rather large bank (who I haven't worked for since last june!)
3)over half my friends believe that I have a bet here and there and my main source of income comes from being a self employed financial advisor (again not true!)
4) my flatmate is one of those that doesn't know about my full time "sordid" Laugh gambling job!
5) I'm 25 nd went to private school and if my parents ever found out I wasn't into finance (having put me through private school) but was a full time gambler they would no doubt tie me to the roof by my berries and see hit me over the head with a very large stick!

Ok... so that's a bit of intial background, now for the more interesting part...

I'm about to go on holiday with my mum to the Dominican. She hasn't been well and has recently had an operation in hospital, so I wanted to treat her to some r&r somewhere nice. When I get back from there (end of sep) I have 2 weeks in the UK then i'm off with a bunch of mates to Tenerife...

A couple of the guys who are going hate living in the UK and fancy a change of scenery, so we booked 1 way flights and are planning to stay there indefinately!!

I've done some relatively in depth research and have found places to rent for 6-12 months and agencys for work etc. I've also been told that getting sky in isn't a problem...

Ok so that's basically the background to how this blog is going to begin. Fingers crossed it'll provide entertainment for both me and the occasional reader and we'll see what happens... Blush

Ps. I guess I should talk about bets occasionally since i'm blogging on bf...

made a bit from backing georgia on the cap (+21.5) this am - Scotland could easily have been turned over had Georgia been like 10% better!
had a lovely green in the odi until I burned 2/3 of it when Younus produced a stunner to catch Taibu Mischief
but 3 late wkts at the rose bowl left me feeling pleased with my days work, as had a monkey (500) on warwks at avg odds of 2.3

Ok for now that is all, off to watch utd in portugal in "glorious hd" Blush

a dios
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