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Catch Me ifyoucan
02 Feb 11 14:35
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Catch Me ifyoucan
When: 02 Feb 11 14:48
Always Waining (IRE) Peter Bowen 10
Ambobo (USA) M. Brassil, Ireland 11
Apt Approach (IRE) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 8
Arbor Supreme (IRE) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 9
Askthemaster (IRE) Robert Tyner, Ireland 11
Backstage (FR) Gordon Elliott, Ireland 9
Ballabriggs (IRE) Donald McCain 10
Ballyfitz Nigel Twiston-Davies 11
Ballytrim (IRE) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 10
Becauseicouldntsee (IRE) Noel Glynn, Ireland 8
Belon Gale (IRE) Howard Johnson 8
Big Fella Thanks Ferdy Murphy 9
Bluesea Cracker (IRE) James Motherway, Ireland 9
Burren Legend (IRE) Richard Rowe 10
Calgary Bay (IRE) Henrietta Knight 8
Can't Buy Time (IRE) Jonjo O'Neill 9
Cane Brake (IRE) Conor O'Dwyer, Ireland 12
Carronhills (IRE) Rebecca Curtis 9
Character Building (IRE) John Quinn 11
Chief Dan George (IRE) James Moffatt 11
Comply Or Die (IRE) David Pipe 12
Deep Purple Evan Williams 10
Dev (IRE) Gordon Elliott, Ireland 11
Don't Push It (IRE) Jonjo O'Neill 11
Dooneys Gate (IRE) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 10
Dream Alliance Philip Hobbs 10
Duers (IRE) Paul Magnier, Ireland 9
Faasel (IRE) David Pipe 10
Fair Along (GER) Philip Hobbs 9
Frankie Figg (IRE) Howard Johnson 9
From Dawn To Dusk Philip Hobbs 12
Galant Nuit (FR) Ferdy Murphy 7
Giles Cross (IRE) Victor Dartnall 9
Glencove Marina (IRE) Eoin Griffin, Ireland 9
Golden Kite (IRE) A. Maguire, Ireland 9
Grand Slam Hero (IRE) Nigel Twiston-Davies 10
Gullible Gordon (IRE) Paul Nicholls 8
Hello Bud (IRE) Nigel Twiston-Davies 13
I'moncloudnine (IRE) Neil Mulholland 8
I'msingingtheblues (IRE) David Pipe 9
In Compliance (IRE) D. T. Hughes, Ireland 11
Junior David Pipe 8
Just Amazing (IRE) Paul Nicholls 8
Khachaturian (IRE) Donald McCain 8
Killyglen (IRE) Stuart Crawford, Ireland 9
King Fontaine (IRE) Malcolm Jefferson 8
Le Beau Bai (FR) Richard Lee 8
Little Josh (IRE) Nigel Twiston-Davies 9
Majestic Concorde (IRE) D. K. Weld, Ireland 8
Meanus Dandy (IRE) Paul Nicholls 8
Merigo (FR) Andrew Parker 10
Midnight Chase Neil Mulholland 9
Mobaasher (USA) Venetia Williams 8
Nedzer's Return (IRE) Gordon Elliott, Ireland 9
Neptune Collonges (FR) Paul Nicholls 10
Niche Market (IRE) Paul Nicholls 10
Nicto de Beauchene (FR) Victor Dartnall 10
Noble Concorde J. Culloty, Ireland 9
Northern Alliance (IRE) A. J. Martin, Ireland 10
Notre Pere (FR) Barry Potts, Ireland 10
One Cool Cookie (IRE) Charlie Swan, Ireland 10
Ornais (FR) Paul Nicholls 9
Or Noir de Somoza (FR) J. P. Totain, France 9
Oscar Time (IRE) M. M. Lynch, Ireland 10
Our Monty (IRE) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 8
Piraya (FR) David Pipe 8
Pomme Tiepy (FR) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 8
Putney Bridge Keith Goldsworthy 9
Quezac de La Roque (FR) F. Cottin, France 7
Quinz (FR) Philip Hobbs 7
Quiscover Fontaine (FR) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 7
Quolibet (FR) Jonjo O'Neill 7
Regal Heights (IRE) Tom George 10
Roll Along (IRE) Nigel Twiston-Davies 11
Royal Rosa (FR) Howard Johnson 12
Saddlers Storm (IRE) A. J. Martin, Ireland 9
Sagalyrique (FR) Donald McCain 7
Santa's Son (IRE) Howard Johnson 11
Scotsirish (IRE) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 10
Silver By Nature Lucinda Russell 9
Skippers Brig (IRE) Nicky Richards 10
Snowy Morning (IRE) Colin Bowe, Ireland 11
Starzaan (IRE) Hughie Morrison 12
State of Play Evan Williams 11
Surface To Air Chris Bealby 10
Synchronised (IRE) Jonjo O'Neill 8
Taranis (FR) Paul Nicholls 10
Tatenen (FR) Richard Rowe 7
That's Rhythm (FR) Martin Todhunter 11
The Midnight Club (IRE) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 10
The Sawyer (BEL) Bob Buckler 11
The Sliotar (IRE) Philip Hobbs 10
The Tother One (IRE) Paul Nicholls 10
Tidal Bay (IRE) Howard Johnson 10
Tinakellylad (IRE) M. F. Morris, Ireland 7
Toby Jug Sarah Humphrey 10
Tranquil Sea (IRE) E. J. O'Grady, Ireland 9
Treacle (IRE) Tom J. Taaffe, Ireland 10
Tricky Trickster (IRE) Paul Nicholls 8
Vic Venturi (IRE) D. T. Hughes, Ireland 11
West End Rocker (IRE) Alan King 9
What A Friend Paul Nicholls 8
When: 02 Feb 11 14:52
Junior looks an interesting one!!!
Catch Me ifyoucan
When: 02 Feb 11 14:59
DEN MANIA fans will be upset AGAIN this year [;)]
Catch Me ifyoucan
When: 02 Feb 11 15:01
WEIGHTS on February 15th. (before you ask)
Catch Me ifyoucan
When: 02 Feb 11 15:02
Ballabriggs (16) , Big Fella Thanks (20) , Niche Market (20) , Dont Push It (22) , Becauseicouldntsee (25) , Merigo (25) , Siegemaster (25) , Synchronised (25) , The Midnight Club (25) , Alfa Beat (33) , Blazing Bailey (33) , Great Endeavour (33) , Minella Boys (33) , Oscar Time (33) , Rare Bob (33) , State of Play (33) , Theatrical Moment (33) , West End Rocker (33) , Whinstone Boy (33) , Hello Bud (39)  - Others 39 or more
When: 02 Feb 11 18:19
From Dawn To Dusk For me watch the race it won on National Day last year A race Dont Push It won b4 going on to national glory..........Finished like A choo Choo and got plenty of stamina had A cpl of quiet runs and hopefully builing up to the big one .... Laugh
Far From Trouble
When: 03 Feb 11 14:17
The Midnight Club
The Tother One
Northern Alliance
West End Rocker

^ winner comes from those 4 ^
When: 03 Feb 11 18:47
Vic Venturi
Chief Dan George
Oscar Time
Roll Along
Bluesea Cracker

Winner comes from the above
The Dragon
When: 03 Feb 11 19:59
no Black Apalachi? Shame deserved another crack at it
When: 03 Feb 11 20:43
Good thread.
When: 03 Feb 11 22:58
this is nicholls year imo
When: 04 Feb 11 08:39
So far I'm on

Always Waining 170/1
Backstage 40/1
BecauseIcouldntsee 130/1
The Midnight Club 40/1
State of Play 45/1
When: 04 Feb 11 11:20
Backed so far (all e/w):

The Midnight Club (50/1 - 5 places)
Ballabriggs (33/1 - 5 places)
Merigo (33/1 - 5 places)
Big Fella Thanks (25/1)
doncaster rover
When: 04 Feb 11 15:15
redesolva which nichols horse do you think has the best chance?
Terry Venables
When: 05 Feb 11 07:42

Decent book you have
When: 05 Feb 11 13:28
Cheers TV [;)]
doncaster rover
When: 05 Feb 11 19:47
does any one know what they set the maximum weight at and which horse will be carrying it
When: 05 Feb 11 20:09
Neptune Collonges 168
Tidal Bay 166
Don´t Push It 164
Midnight Chase 163
Deep Purple 160

Here are the top weights amongst the initial entries according to the RP.
My guess is that Don't Push It will be top weight with 11st 10lb probably as that has been the highest weight in the last few years
When: 06 Feb 11 14:24
Need to look at those sitting sub 11 stone...assuming Don't Push It is top weight with 11:10...ballabriggs looks to have a great chance off 10:10?
When: 06 Feb 11 21:20
I can't have Ballabriggs in this at all, very doubtful stayer in my book

Backstage had a provisional rating of 143 when the RP published the entries last week so theoretically is going to be off roughly 10st 3lb in this (although handicapper frames his own weights from what I believe) if DPI is the likely top weight with 11st 10lb.

Backstage was still tanking when being brought down on the 2nd circuit last year when carrying 11st (DPI carried 11st 5lb when winning) and I think connections will be well chuffed with his likely weight if he is handicapped on that mark. Wouldn't worry about him not being seen recently, trainer confirmed he was being aimed at this race a few weeks back on ATR and he is already within the top 50 rated horses on the official handicap so shouldn't be any doubts about him getting in. Based on the last 3 years the bottom rated horse has been rated 138 (2008), 139 (2009) and 139 (2010). Probably need a rating of 141 to be safe this year.
When: 07 Feb 11 08:59
I assume you're doubting his ability to stay based on him being 10 lengths up at the last and just holding on in the amateur riders race at cheltenham last year? I would note that he has won foiur chases over 3m 1f+ and in the amateur race arguably he was sent on too soon 3 fences out and he did have top weight of 11:12 - was he not entitled to get tired close home? There's plenty of stamina from his sire presenting (Denman; war of attrition; weapons amnesty) and the dam is out of blakeney...there's a risk as always - but I'd be willing to take it on staying...
When: 07 Feb 11 11:31
NEPTUNE COLLONGES and FRENCH TRAINED HORSE WILL BE JOINT TOP WEIGHTS, Ballabrigs and others will be handicapped closer to these top weights to give the high weights a chance to carry their weight, as is Mr Smiths usual way of handicapping this unique race.
When: 07 Feb 11 16:28
Nicholls hinted at the weekend that Neptune Collonges wont be running in the GN. Dont know about the Frenchie though.

My top 5 at the moment are:

Chief Dan George
Oscar Time
Vic Venturi
the Midnight Club
Catch Me ifyoucan
When: 09 Feb 11 21:41
Ballabriggs (16) , Big Fella Thanks (20) , Dont Push It (20) , Niche Market (20) , The Midnight Club (20) , Merigo (25) , Synchronised (25) , West End Rocker (26) , Becauseicouldntsee (29) , Backstage (33) , Oscar Time (33) , State of Play (33) , Hello Bud (37) , Notre Pere (37) , Midnight Chase (39) , Calgary Bay (40) , Majestic Concorde (40) , Northern Alliance (40) , Our Monty (40) , Quiscover Fontaine (40)  - Others 40 or more
When: 10 Feb 11 12:36
French horse now moved to Pipe's yard, def intended runner in National, its rated 168 over here. This horse will be top weight!
Catch Me ifyoucan
When: 10 Feb 11 21:14
Becauseicouldntsee faces a race against time to be ready for the John Smith's Grand National after undergoing surgery on a hind leg.

The eight-year-old is due back at Noel Glynn's stables in County Clare from the Fethard Equine Hospital in County Tipperary on Friday and the trainer remains hopeful the horse will make Aintree on April 9th.

"It's 50-50 for Aintree at the minute. He's coming home from the hospital tomorrow but we think we'll make it. We still have eight weeks so we should get there.

"He'll have to have a week off when he gets home, but we think we'll get there. We were going to give him a run before the National but we won't now. If he's fit enough he'll go directly to Aintree."
Fearless Willie
When: 11 Feb 11 18:07
Ballabriggs to carry more or less than 11 stone? At a guess think he'l race bang on it
Meat Loaf
When: 12 Feb 11 10:21
Looks like being a poor renewal thsi year with Don't Push It being top weight. I expect a horse weighted around 140 will win it.
Catch Me ifyoucan
When: 14 Feb 11 12:11
WEIGHTS on February 15th.

Harry Findlay to sell horses and quit racing....

“They will all come under the hammer at the Doncaster sales on April 21 and, in all likelihood, our last ever runner will be Big Fella Thanks in the Grand National.”

Ballabriggs (16) , Big Fella Thanks (20) , Dont Push It (20) , Niche Market (20) , The Midnight Club (20) , Merigo (25) , Synchronised (25) , West End Rocker (25) , Oscar Time (28) , Becauseicouldntsee (29) , Backstage (33) , Notre Pere (33) , State of Play (33) , Bluesea Cracker (35) , Hello Bud (37) , Midnight Chase (38) , Calgary Bay (40) , Chief Dan George (40) , Northern Alliance (40) , Our Monty (40)  - Others 40 or more
When: 14 Feb 11 12:47
It's certainly not the "meatiest" renewal of recent years for sure. Not much strength and depth this time so might be easier to pin down a handful of classier rivals.
When: 14 Feb 11 13:25
Agreed Mully.One of the weaker renewals imo. My initial list includes:

Tick most boxes:
West end rocker
with some reservations:
notre pere
Chief dan george
State of Play

I'm hoping for 10:12 on Ballabriggs tomorrow.
When: 14 Feb 11 14:29
I've keen on CDG at the moment Fistful. Seeing what weight he's burdened with Tuesday before backing up.
When: 14 Feb 11 14:32
Agreed Mully - got good chance if getting there fit and well. Too stiff a task first comeback race...would like to see him run back to form in an easier contest....suspect the trainer is protecting the mark...GL
When: 14 Feb 11 14:37
I'm going to go to Haydock on Saturday to see if that race gives me any clues.
crab patties
When: 14 Feb 11 16:25
always waining
big fella thanks
hello bud
Fearless Willie
When: 14 Feb 11 17:43
What time are the weights out men?
When: 14 Feb 11 19:46
Top 5 weights on Twitter at 11 am, the rest released at 11.30 am
When: 14 Feb 11 19:49
PF Trader I suspect you are other than a fool having looked at a few of your posts.

My analysis is that Backstage ticks a number of boxes, and is very decent value at anything over 30 as he is such a likely runner and very likely to be backed as well.
When: 14 Feb 11 20:47
Is this twitter attatched to Wetherby's?
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