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Pricewise/Tom Segal

18 Mar 23 09:55
Last year at the Cheltenham festival Tom Segal as Pricewise tipped ]Twelve Losers & just one winner @ 12/1 sp giving a loss of -1 pt.

In 2023 again as Pricewise for the Festival,  he tipped NINETEEN consecutive Losers, a LOSS of -19pts @ sp. Thats ONE WINNER FROM THIRTY TWO at the last two Festivals..!

Pricewise/Tom Segal In 2023 are showing a – 17pts @ sp Loss and if you add his Pricewise Extra losses of -6 pts @ sp,  Segal is  now down to -23pts.

It makes me laugh when The Racing Post make claims like

In 2022 Pricewise returned a profit of + £117.89pts at publication price – that's a profit on investment of 23.7 per cent .

Well given he doesn't advise to a price then there is no PUBLICATION PRICE..!

He even stopped tipping Ew to curb his losses.

2022 Pricwise -34.42 pts @ sp = Profotless Tipping..!!!
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