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The Magik Carpet Ryde
Here are the final results for one years monitoring of the Racing Post's Tipping Team for Subscribers of Mmebers Club Ultimate in 20222.

Given the great wealth of knowledge & ratings to hand you would expect a fair profit of return from these so called Experts, Top Tipsters & now Pros as they now call themselve.These tips are being pushed with misleading straplines to entice new subscribers to bet through the website via affiliate schemes, which not only benefit the Racing Post, but the bookmakers themselves.

Wow didnt they do well in 2022..!!!

So on top of shelling out nearly £400 for the year for a Subscription (The cheapest option), you are left with a Grand Canyon of a hole in your pocket with a loss of nearly -£900Its

PROFITLESS TIPPING from those who should know more!

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