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Posted by: Billy Bongo on Mar 18, 2023 at 08:55:02 AM
Last year at the Cheltenham festival Tom Segal as Pricewise tipped [b]]Twelve[/b] Losers & just one winner @ 12/1 sp giving a loss of -1 pt. In 2023 again as Pricewise for the Festival, he tipped [b]NINETEEN[/b] consecutive Losers, a [b]LOSS of -19pts @ sp.[/b] Thats [b]ONE WINNER FROM THIRTY TWO[/b] at the last two Festivals..! Pricewise/Tom Segal In 2023 are showing a [b]– 17pts @ sp Loss[/b] and if you add his Pricewise Extra losses of -6 pts @ sp, Segal is now down to[b] -23pts[/b]. It makes me laugh when The Racing Post make claims like [i]In 2022 Pricewise returned a profit of + £117.89pts at publication price – that's a profit on investment of 23.7 per cent .[/i] Well given he doesn't advise to a price then there is no PUBLICATION PRICE..! He even stopped...
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Jan 28, 2023 at 10:38:53 AM
Here are the final results for one years monitoring of the Racing Post's Tipping Team for Subscribers of Mmebers Club Ultimate in 20222. Given the great wealth of knowledge & ratings to hand you would expect a fair profit of return from these so called Experts, Top Tipsters & now Pros as they now call themselve.These tips are being pushed with misleading straplines to entice new subscribers to bet through the website via affiliate schemes, which not only benefit the Racing Post, but the bookmakers themselves. Wow didnt they do well in 2022..!!! So on top of shelling out nearly £400 for the year for a Subscription (The cheapest option), you are left with a Grand Canyon of a hole in your pocket with a loss of nearly -£900Its PROFITLESS TIPPING from those who should know more! [img][/img]...
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Jan 25, 2023 at 06:46:38 PM
[b]'Our red-hot tipster bids to follow up a 5-1 winner with course specialist'[/b] More misleading rubbish from The Racing Post as Greame Rodway gave [b]6 Red Hot tips[/b] & came up trumps with [b]one winner[/b], an odds on Fav..! Stop taking the p*ss..!!!
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Dec 28, 2022 at 10:53:35 AM
From Todays Racing Post online, [b]'He looks certain to run well' - our [b]in-form[/b] Wednesday man provides four bets[/b] Greame Rodways Expert tipping record in Decemeber so far for Memebers Club is [b]W (15/2), L, L, L, 4, L, L, W (4/5), L, L, L, W (2/1), L, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, L[/b] and as Pricewise Extra in the same month, [b]L, L, L, L, L. [/b] His last winner for Memebers Subscribers was back on the 13th Decemeber, 16 consequective losers, yet The Rcaing Post claim he is in form..!!! What an absolute lie. The Rcaing Post simply dont care about their subscribers who fork out £400 a year Memebers Cub hitting them with adverts left right & cenetrefollowed by blantent lies regarding their Expert Tipsters. Greame Rodway's 2022 record as Sizzlers, Pricewise Extra,...
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Dec 5, 2022 at 11:22:18 AM
From todays Racing Post Monday 5th Dec. [b]'Our Monday man bids to follow up last week's 7-1 winner with two selections'[/b] Yeah the thing is Richard Birch didnt tip a horse last week. The 7/1 winner was actually 2 weeks ago. Keep bragging about your tipster's winneras in your push to get punters to bet through your website. The truth still remains, the Racing Post tipsters are profitless Richard Birch for Pricewise Extra 2022= [b]minus[b]-10pts[/b] Richard Birchfor Memebrs Club 2022 = [b]minus 33 points[/b] All to advised stks @ sp
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Dec 3, 2022 at 11:06:15 AM
Members of The Rcaing Post Ultimate package are enduring a savage time if following their so called Premium, Top, Expert Tipsters. Dont forget they now charge £399 for a years subcription. [img][/img] (sp @ advised stakes) Ocuh..!!!
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Nov 23, 2022 at 11:35:14 AM
From the Racing Post online Tipping page for Memebers Club subscribers.. For Pricewise Extra today 21 Nov. '[b]Graeme Rodway with his pick of the morning prices after a 9-2 winner on Monday[/b]' No I dont have a problem with Rodway or any other RP tipster but when the RP misleading straplines about their tipsters I get p***ed off. Greame Rodway did not tip a winner for Pricewise Extra last Monday or the Monday before, nor did he tip a winner for Memebers Club or Pricewise last Monday or the Monday before that. So desparate to push subscribers & NEW subscribers to bet through their website that the Racing Post have to use misleading straplines to promote their profitless tipsters. Just think why dont the Racing Post publis their tipsters records..? Yeah dont be foiled ...
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Sep 2, 2022 at 08:51:37 PM
Racing Post's [b]Members Club[/b] Tips to advised stakes @ sp -30.69 pts - August 22 -56.45 pts - July 22 -18.45 pts - June 22 -21.80 pts - May 22 -21.05 pts - April 22 +6.42 pts - March 22 -4.70 pts - February 22 -11.40 pts - January 22 [b]Pricewise Extra[/b] to advised stakes @ sp -23.80 pts - August 22 -0.70 pts - July 22 -14.10 pts - June 22 -5.00 pts - May 22 -15.50 pts - April 22 -18.50 pts - March 22 -13.85 pts - February 22 -8.20 pts - January 22 [b]Saturday Sizzlers[/b] to advised stakes @ sp -5.80 pts – August 22 -2.00 pts - July 22 -11.45 pts – June 22 -4.00 pts – May 22 -22.30 pts – April 22 -20.20 – March 22 -5.80 pts – February 22 -9.08 pts - January 22 [b]Pricewise[/b] to advised...
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Aug 3, 2022 at 08:26:29 AM
So The Racing Post's, Top, Expert Mesmbers Club Tipster & Masterclass Guru Greame Rodway is now an 'iN FORM' Tipster..! Mnnnm really..? Well lets have a look at his Memebers Club,record, recent form first.. [b]W(11/8), L.L.L.L.L.L.L, W(5/6), L,L,L,L,L,L,L,L,L, W(4/1), L,L,L,L[/b] (July/June). Ok yes I can see it, his last Memebers Club selection did indeed win, 17 days ago at odds of 11/8. Recent form really is everything..! Oh yeah, May by the way went like this.. [b]LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOSY, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST.[/b] Actually when you see it written out, he probably is in form.. Good luck for today Rodders..!
Posted by: Billy Bongo on Jul 3, 2022 at 12:08:34 PM
Pricewise Extra currently showing a [b]loss of 43.95 pts @ sp[/b] yes SP because despite ALL the straplines of big price winners which are very few, punters cannot avail themselvs to the odds advertised as they dissapear within minutes. Today the Expert, Top Tipster Richard Birch is afetr a hat-trick of wins - but here his tipping record for the year so far which is a loss of just over -20 pts @ SP Now thats Premium Tipping for m the Racing Post Experts.