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HELLO, good morning & welcome to my latest blog.

Yes, it's been a while, but you know how it is. I've been ducking and diving more than a bathysphere lately so haven't had time to share my wisdom with you all. Nevertheless, I hope this note reaches you well.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a posh Christmas bash the other day. It was held in the grounds of my old Eton chum Bert Tottington-Smith’s mansion in the home counties. I can’t reveal the exact location as I’m under a non-disclosure agreement, but if you type ‘big, posh houses in the south of England’ into google you’ll get some idea of how grandiose it is.

Put it this way, the marquee in the front lawn was bigger than an average circus tent. There were loads of monied people there and to be honest at times I felt a little out of my depth, especially when a serving wench came round with a tray of canapés, none of which I recognised. One of the best features of the day, however, was that I hadn’t seen as many models in one place since I was last at the annual Airfix convention. Luckily, given my good looks, charm and highly-polished brogues I soon had enough ladies’ phone numbers to fill a local directory.

I digress.

In between womanising, partying and spying I’ve been keeping up with the darts. This evening’s matches have caught my eye because there are two sure-fire winners about to step up to the oche. Both Lewis and Van Gerwen should have no trouble in despatching the bespectacled pair Wade and Webster. They’re short odds, but a double pays out at more than 1.5.

Best of luck, and remember the Aldi version of Pimms is every bit as nice as the real thing.

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