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Wimbledos & don'ts

04 Jul 17 11:21
AS part of my military training many, many beards ago I was sent to a summer boot camp in the far reaches of Northumberland. This consisted largely of early doors reveille, plenty of porridge and lots of competitive sport (footy, podex and cross country running). We were also required to keep our bell tents spotlessly tidy. Anything less than perfection after the daily inspection and you were in trouble, with the punishment varying between being staked out in the middle of the night by rope and tent pegs or simply being lobbed naked into the nearby stream.

It didn’t do me any harm, however, and I embraced the thing to such an extent that they asked me back to run the whole shebang in years to come. One could say the poacher had become gamekeeper.

I digress.

I do recall stating that I was going to share with you some tennis multiples for this year’s Wimbledon so here we are.

A straightforward fourfold on Murray to beat Brown, Tsonga to beat Bolelli, Berdych to beat Chardy and Raonic to beat Struff pays out at around 1.6 and represents a solid opening start to the Gentlemen’s Singles.

Remember – a steady drip fills the bucket and buy your strawberries and cream at least a two mile radius away from Centre Court. As a slight aside, Nishikori & Monfils both look under-priced and could be worth a little lay if you've got any spare change in your account.

Good luck & happy punting. I’m off to give the organisers some high-level security advice.

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