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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good morning and welcome to my latest blog. Buoyed by my correct prediction of Murray taking the Aegon title the other week, I thought I'd share some more sage-like words of tennis tipping wisdom with you all.

Novak Djokovic, who I once bumped into on Larvotto beach in Monte Carlo (he was very polite, despite me repeatedly kicking sand into his face), looks like he can repeat his 2011 success, the only trouble being Nadal looks like he can emulate his 2008 and 2010 wins and Murray looks like, well, a bit of a gargoyle. No disrespect as he’s not in the game for his looks, but my bulldog did a great impression of Murray the other day as he attempted to lick some urine off a thistle.

Don’t get me wrong. I have the utmost admiration for Murray and his sporting abilities. He’s won me a lot of money over the years and I have to thank him for that. Besides, it’s not like I’m any ‘Brad Pitt’ in comparison.

More of a hybrid of the best bits of George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Adam West and Ron Jeremy.

I digress.

Enjoy the tennis and if Nadal, Murray or Djokovic don’t win Wimbledon this year I’ll roll naked down Murray mount (formerly known as Henman Hill, Nastase Knoll, Sharapova Slope, Cash Cairn, Ashe Ascent, Berdych Bluff and not forgetting Cliff Cliff).

Just make sure you have a ticket, because there’ll be a lot of birds there wanting sight of the 69 torso.

Good luck & happy punting,
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