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HELLO, good afternoon and welcome to my latest blog. Once again, apologies for the sporadic nature of my posts, but my life has been as unpredictable as the British weather of late. I had to spend a week holed up in Monaco recently as a good friend of mine who owed me a favour invited me over to his mansion with a view to spending a bit of time at the Monte Carlo casino.

He reckons I bring him luck, so I didn’t need much persuasion to hop on a plane and join him for a few sessions on the roulette tables. After three quarters of an hour I’d accumulated enough chips to give Harry Ramsden a run for his money, so we spent the rest of the week variously living it up in La Note Bleue, sunbathing on Larvotto beach and chilling on one of my friend’s yachts moored at Monte Carlo harbour.

I digress.

Tomorrow’s darts is looming and I have a tasty Dutch for you - (comedy pause) - and I don’t mean Raymond Van Barneveld. He’s just totally so not my type.

Get on Mr Taylor to beat Hamilton 8-1, 8-2 or 8-3 as and when liquidity permits on the correct score market and soon your wallet will be bulging.

Good luck and happy punting! They don’t sell car snow chains for Ferraris at my local Halfords so I’m off to buy myself a sledge 
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