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HELLO, good evening and welcome to my blog. While the current two football systems in operation stand at 5/7 and 2/2 respectively, I have a new one for all you tennis fans. Tennis is a sport which polarises opinion like no other. Who would win in a match between McEnroe and Sampras at their respective peaks? Who was the most consistent performer out of Navratilova and Graf? Who has the most effective serve between Federer and Nadal? Who has the best knockers out of Dokic and Wozniacki?

If you fancy a punt on the tennis, but don’t know who to choose, the secret is simple. Back the minger. Take a look at the two players, check them out closely and whoever you deem to be the ugliest out of the pair, simply back that one. If the better looking of the two wins, you win as you get to watch them run around the court for another round. If the heinous one triumphs, you get some cash in your pocket to lessen the blow of someone you fancy bombing out. It’s a win-win situation.

What if they’re both mingers? Simple – swerve the match.

What if they’re both members of the sex you’re not interested in? Easy! Back the one you don’t like for whatever reason – this could be their hair, their clothes or their general demeanour. If nothing else, backing your own personal enfant terrible makes watching tennis far more enjoyable.

What if you fancy them both? Swerve it, slip into something comfortable and imagine you’ve laid the pair of them.   

Good luck and happy punting!

Remember: be careful when you're using the words 'love' and 'deuce' in the same sentence
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