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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good evening and welcome to the latest instalment of the cut-out-and-keep A-Z of Better Punting. I hope it reaches you well, I very much hope you heed some of the advice below and I sincerely hope your betting bank grows as a result.

I is for Income
This blog is written on the presumption that any money you might lose, and you will lose at some stage (look at the number of successful high street bookies), you can afford to lose it. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t have a bet. Maybe do a bit of overtime first. There isn’t a professional punter in the world that hasn’t lost a bit of cash from time to time, in the same way as Pele missed the odd goal scoring chance, Tiger Woods blew a few six foot putts and Red Rum didn’t win every single race he ever ran.

The salary you earn from your chosen career is hard-earned, I would imagine, and well deserved, as a result of putting in a lot of time and effort. The chances are that you’ve progressed in your career through actually being fairly good at what you do, using the skills and knowledge accrued during your time with your employer to their best advantage. Why then should you possibly expect to make a load of money by betting on a whim on stuff you know little about?

Question: What do rich people moan about?
Answer: The amount of tax they have to pay on their earnings.

Fact: All money made from betting is tax free.

I is also for Inspiration
All sports betting is inspirational, or at least should be. Your wins or losses are ultimately dictated by the inspiration, or lack of it, coming from the person, dog or team you’ve backed. So don’t get too down in the dumps if someone on the opposition weaves through your team’s defence before slamming in the winner. There are some things you just can’t account for. Having said that, if you’d identified that player as a potential match winner and backed him to score the last goal then congratulations – you were the inspired one. Or was it just you did your research better than normal?

I is also for inside information
Inside information can come in very handy and give you that vital competitive edge. Just make sure that your source or sources are people you can trust. Everyone reckons they have a ‘man in the know’, but quite often these men in the know either know nothing or are simply a figment of someone’s imagination. Only use inside information if you know the informant personally and can trust his judgement, otherwise you’re just gambling on someone else’s knowledge – which can prove devastating for your betting bank.

Good luck and happy punting!
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