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Watch out for Whitlock

12 May 11 14:12
HELLO, good afternoon and welcome to my blog. I hope it reaches you well. I’ve had to download some new beads for my iAbacus today as the league table has thrown up some fascinating permutations ahead of this evening’s arrows in Newcastle.

Lewis or Whitlock could still feasibly qualify for the semi-finals and with Lewis' game before Whitlock's it'll be interesting to see how the Taylor/Whitlock game will pan out. If Lewis was to lose to Anderson, Whitlock would still have a chance of qualification on leg difference. Keep this in mind when betting on the Taylor/Whitlock match as if Lewis loses to Anderson Whitlock will be much more fired up than if Lewis gets a draw or a win against the Scot to confirm his place in the last four. While Wade is level on points with the Wizard, his abysmal leg difference means that even if he beats Jenkins eight nil it won’t be enough to elevate him into the last four regardless of results elsewhere.

The Anderson/Lewis match sees enigma #1 pitted against enigma #2. Both are capable of phenomenally high scoring, but both are equally culpable of some ridiculous errors at the most unexpected moments. A swerve here is the recommendation, although even I’d be tempted at shoving a few English pounds of her majesty’s glorious realm in the direction of over 7.5 180s.

Neither Jenkins nor Wade have anything to play for, bar prize money and pride. If Wade wins he could overtake Whitlock, but Jenkins will end up an ignominious second from last regardless. While the two should now play some confident, relaxed and high-scoring darts, their match is nothing but a curtain-raiser for the bigger/more important fixtures of the night. Nevertheless if both play to the best of their ability it should be Wade taking the honours by at least two legs. Wade stands to win another £2,500 if he somehow overtakes Whitlock on leg difference as fifth pays £32,500, with sixth taking an altogether not-too-shabby £30k.

Webster/Barney should culminate in a routine win for the Dutchman. While Webster showed some admirable battling qualities in drawing with Wade last week, he’s proved to be a fish out of water on the big stage (with only pools of sweat from his opponents allowing him to survive this long). A calm Barney should close this out with plenty to spare.

Finally, Taylor/Whitlock is always an enjoyable clash, played in the right spirit, although the tone of the contest will be dictated by the outcome of the Lewis/Anderson clash. If Lewis loses, expect Whitlock to give Taylor a much sterner work-out than if Lewis gets a point or better against the Scot. The recommendation is therefore to back the draw with a view to trading out, providing that Lewis loses to Anderson earlier. Otherwise, take a look at the ‘most 180s’ market and back Whitlock. It’s about time Taylor was out-maxed and the law of averages is on Whitlock’s side, especially considering Whitlock is currently leading the Power 53-52 on the overall 180 count.

NAP SELECTION: Back a Wade/Barney double   
NB: Take Whitlock on the most 180s market v Taylor
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