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Posted by: Alex69 on May 12, 2011 at 03:12:24 PM
[b]HELLO,[/b] good afternoon and welcome to my blog. I hope it reaches you well. I’ve had to download some new beads for my iAbacus today as the league table has thrown up some fascinating permutations ahead of this evening’s arrows in Newcastle. Lewis or Whitlock could still feasibly qualify for the semi-finals and with Lewis' game before Whitlock's it'll be interesting to see how the Taylor/Whitlock game will pan out. If Lewis was to lose to Anderson, Whitlock would still have a chance of qualification on leg difference. Keep this in mind when betting on the Taylor/Whitlock match as if Lewis loses to Anderson Whitlock will be much more fired up than if Lewis gets a draw or a win against the Scot to confirm his place in the last four. While Wade is level on points with the Wizard,...