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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good evening & welcome to my latest blog. More darts tips coming up soon, ladies & gentlemen, but first another brief instalment in my best-selling 'A-Z of Better Punting'. I hope you enjoy it, put my advice into practise and reap the inevitable financial rewards.

E is for Ecstasy
In other words, don’t bet while drunk or on drugs. Sorry to sound like a vicar here, but betting while drunk or on drugs is a disaster waiting to happen. Your judgement is skewed, you’ll spend loads more money than you would sober and you’ll make all the wrong decisions, resulting in an empty wallet with a hangover around the corner. Don’t even bet when you’re a bit tired either. Always have a clear head when you’re betting. This way you’ll stay in control of your finances and your destiny.

E is also for Edge
In casinos, the term ‘house edge’ is often bandied about. This is what the casino does to ensure it always wins – in the end. Similarly, on fixed-odds betting terminals and fixed-odds online games the odds are ‘fixed’, hence the title, so that the operator i.e. the company providing your ‘entertainment’ always takes your money. In betting, acquiring an edge takes a lot of hard work, time and effort. Put the aforementioned in, however, and you’ll reap the rewards with a big wheelbarrow full of cash or, if you prefer, a much larger bank balance than you’ve been previously used to. Be open to new ideas, new techniques and new systems and only place a bet when you’ve given it your full consideration. It is the millions of mug punters in the world that keep the bookies - and the knowledgeable traders - in their fur coats and flash cars.

Remember: Betting is only a right laugh when you're winning.

Good luck & happy punting!
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