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Something For The Weekend

23 Apr 11 13:42
Hello again,

lost a bit the other day on a couple of horses at 2.5% on each plus a tiny overall loss on the lay bets I did. Todays bets will either lift me right back up or knock back my progress further.

In the football I have backed CHELSEA, MAN UTD, TOTTENHAM, & LIVERPOOL all to win in £20 Win Singles plus a £10 Fourfold. A friend advises me that CARLISLE have a very good chance of nicking the points in their match against ROCHDALE today. I just got 4.2 and staked £13 (1%) on CARLISLE to win, so it would be very nice if that one comes in.

In the Horse racing I have layed FORTUNI in the 6.15 at KELSO £6 for a £9.96 Liability and at NOTTINGHAM in the 6.30 I have layed YANKEE STORM £3 at 4.5 for a £10.50 Liability.

I have also backed SURF AND TURF to win in the 4.25 at NEWTON ABBOT at 2.55 (£32 at 1.55).

If I make an overall profit I will be a happy Easter Bunny. Hey it's all 'calculated risk' at the end of the day so here's hoping for some good results.

Enjoy the holiday!
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