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The Dutch of The Day Update

05 Oct 12 11:27
Hi Everyone,

What an absolute stinker we're having at the moment with the Dutch of The Day.  Never let it be said I fanny my results or hype any systems which aren't performing well.  I run football and horse racing systems which double there entire bank every six months, and this DOTD bet is really isn't in form right now.

After some discussion with my colleague last night we've added some extra vital filters in to the selection process, and we're positive these will be the changes required to improve the results.

I'll be back with my next advised bet after the 15th October now as I'll be out the country until then.

So expect some real changes, and until I'm 1005 satisfied we can make steady growth each month you won't hear me shouting about this blog tip!  As soon as we hit steady growth over a three month period I'll be banging Betfair's door down to publicise the blog again..


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