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Posted by: swift-tuttle on Apr 10, 2017 at 06:27:50 PM
Up to this point, selections have been made by random number generator. The process is: a) Download from horseracebase tomorrow's A to Z to an Excel Spreadsheet; b) Note the start and end numbers of the rows (e.g 2 to 353); c) Use random org sequence generator to create a sequence of random numbers in the range noted at (b); d) Place bets on BSP Multiples with stakes according to preference but note the majority should go on singles; e) Keep placing selections until the message about maximum 8 selections is displayed; f) My staking preference is for a lottery style bet where there is a very slim chance of a large amount and the random win singles will guarantee some kind of return over time. From now on, the spreadsheet will be sorted on forecast odds and the range chosen...