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    random selections

    raison d'etre

    10 Apr 17 18:27
    Up to this point, selections have been made by random number generator.

    The process is:

    a) Download from horseracebase tomorrow's A to Z to an Excel Spreadsheet;
    b) Note the start and end numbers of the rows (e.g 2 to 353);
    c) Use random org sequence generator to create a sequence of random numbers in the range noted at (b);
    d) Place bets on BSP Multiples with stakes according to preference but note the majority should go on singles;
    e) Keep placing selections until the message about maximum 8 selections is displayed;
    f) My staking preference is for a lottery style bet where there is a very slim chance of a large amount and the random win singles will guarantee some kind of return over time.

    From now on, the spreadsheet will be sorted on forecast odds and the range chosen at (b) will only include the forecast odds up to and including 12/1.
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