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27 Jul 13 08:04
In the 16.40 at York I think that duel code runner Moidore has a very good chance of going close. He ran over course & distance in may where he finished 2nd to Well Sharp & a clear 2nd at that. Well Sharp has franked that form by coming out again & winning easily in a better class of race. Last time out Moidore finished a respectable 6th in the Northumberland plate and whilst he was probably a little out of his league that day, todays race is much more up his street.

He’s generally positioned in mid division & will make progress throughout the 2nd part of the race. If he upholds his form lines then he has a very good chance of getting home for all money however at the very least he should trade shorter in running at some point.

Moidore can be backed now for 2 points at 8.5 at the books (victor). If you want 30% profit then lay off 2.6 points at 6.2, or if you want 50% profit then lay off 3.05 points at 5.7 to give you a 1 point profit in all outcomes.

Best of luck.

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