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Time To Fancy Six Wives

22 Jul 13 17:42
In the 21.00 at Beverley one a past regular horse for this blog runs again although she’s been on the “watch” list for most of this season. This is the front running mare Six Wives. Given her run style she often trades much shorter in running but finds it difficult to last home. The in running backers are now wise to this so it’s become more difficult to gain a trade however today I feel that conditions are right for a bold display from Six Wives.

She’s drawn nicely in stall 2 to get out & grab the lead. She’s also dropped in grade from that which she’s been competing in all season and it’s the 1st time she’s been entered into a class 5 handicap since dropping below her last winning mark. Having held off backing her all season I feel today is the day to step in & put the money down.

Six Wives can be backed now for 2 points at 5.0 widely at the books. If you want 30% profit then lay off 2.6 points at 3.7, or if you want 50% profit then lay off 3.05 points at 3.2 to give you a 1 point profit in all outcomes.

Best of luck.

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