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I'm off to Glastonbury this week so given that will take us to the end of July I thought it would be a good time to run through the results of all stoozbet selections for both trading & punting purposes from the start of the Flat Season Proper (1st April 2013).

I have been keeping a record of all results over at for anyone to see each day. I am continuing to post trading advice over here on this blog but it is complimented by some straight punting horses which are blogged over on that website so as to keep them separate to avoid confusion. Essentially over on I treat all trading horses as punting selections for those results. Every selection is tweeted out by at the time of publishing & all results have taken account of rule 4 deductions.

Punting Results.

April - 30.5 points staked. Profit of 14 points
May - 33 points staked. Profit of 3.6 points
June - 34 points staked. Profit of 15 points

TOTALS. 102.5 points staked. Profit = 32.6 points. ROI = 31.8%

Trading Results

Total trades advised = 65
Total successful for 1 point = 45
Total successful for 0.6 point = 6
Total didn't trade = 14

Profit on winning trades = 48.6, losses on losing trades = 28. Net profit trading = 20.6 points. ROI = 15.8% (given 2 points invested into every trade)

So there you have it, on a Return On Investment (ROI) basis it pays more to be a punter. I appreciate that many people prefer the trading style which has much lower variance however I always say that those who are prepared to bear great risk shall receive great rewards. Fortunately both strategies generate healthy profits.

I'll be back from 2nd July ready to go hard at the 2nd half of the flat season & lets see if we can kick on & double those figures. Any questions just let me know in the comments.

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