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Trading Freely

08 Jun 13 12:08
In the 16.30 at Chester I think we can gain a trade from David Barron's 4 year old gelding Free Spin. He's been available to trade on in 8 of his last 10 races with one of the exceptions being in a race 2 classes above that wich he competes in today. In a huge field at Chester of 17 it's very possible that many of these won't be able to get into it at all, he has a decent enough draw relatively speaking in stall 7 and he likes to sit just on the heels of the leaders.

Free spin should be able to do this again today before delivering his challenge into the final straight. At this point his price should shorten up to give us a trade.

Free spin can be backed now for 2 pointa at 8.0 at the books (lads). If you want 30% profit then lay off 2.6 points at 5.9, or if you want 50% profit then lay off 3.05 points at 5.1 to give you a 1 point profit in all outcomes.

Best of luck.

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