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Come on the irons

15 Dec 11 12:52
A horse who was looking all over the winner until blundering the last and had is jockey lose his irons for a few seconds is where I'm looking for a trade at Exeter this afternoon. Venetia Williams is not having a great time of it but Drumshambo, in the 1.20 at Exeter, is still open to more improvement and although this is a competitive Class Three he can go well enough for long enough to see his price tumble fare enough to give us an all green screen. His handicap mark has been left alone and he has been available to trade in six of his seven hurdle races to date. He has his normal jockey so normal tactics should be the way forward this afternoon and we can look forward to a decent trade. Available to back at 6.4 leaves us needing in running lay off prices as follows, 2 pts win then either:

Lay off at 4.2 for at least a 1 pt all green screen (stake 3.05 pts)or
Lay off at 3.8 for a 1.3 all green screen (stake 3.35 pts) or
Lay off at 3.4 for a 1.7 all green profit (stake 3.75 pts)
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