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Good morning folks. Just a few thoughts for today at this early stage, taken from my ratings I've listed a few below that may shorten up and provide trading opportunities this afternoon. I've put some guide prices on based on their current betfair price or their current price at the bookies, its always  difficult this early though, some will drift though and make the trades easier.


2.40 Kanturk 8.4 and drifitng, temperamental sort could drift further, current price you will need a lay off of either 5.0 or 5.5 for a 1 or 1.3 all green, as always to normal stakes, 2pts win, 3.35 lay or 3.05 lay.

3.10 Reymysterio 7 with Sporting Bet, 8.6 exchanges, lay off at 5.1 or 5.6


3.20 Funky Munky  5.3, lay off at 3.15 or 3.45


12.00 Suddenly Susan  7/1 at VC, 8.2 here, lay off at 4.9 or 5.4. Nicholls has 3 in this so there could be some price movements.

13.30 Mottley Crewe 6.0, lay off at 3.6 or 3.95. Same race Island Legend may trade 15. lay 9.0 or 9.8


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