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Well done my mate

17 Jun 14 21:03
Well I had to go to work today. Which sucks on a number of levels. Not least because my mate stuck a £2 acca on and won £35,000. I'm so chuffed for him but just gutted I wasn't there to witness it. I didn't even have time to stick the placepot on, but my bro did and came home a couple of ton up. I had a double on Toronado/Kingsman and came away with about £160. But 35 grand is a serious wedge of cash!

Anyway, back to more mundane matters - I'm getting on tomorrow's placepot which I think could be a biggun. Treve is, however, a banker for me, so we can cut down a little on the lines.

Leg 1 Muustajdeeb, Sudirman, That Is The Spirit

Leg 2 Spanish Pipedream, Ttiggy Wiggy, Blue Aegean

Leg 3 Treve

Leg 4 Sky Lantern, Certify, Peace Burg

Leg 5 Abseil, Faraaj, Niceofyoutotellme

Leg 6 Alumina, Crowleys Law, Muteela

= 243 lines. Good luck if you're playing tomorrow!

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Kempton tomorrow

04 Jun 14 21:30
In the absence of the ability to actually put this on, I thought I'd live vicariously through others. These are my picks for tomorrow at kempton.

3 11,Dumbfounded, Novel Dancer

11 12, The Corsican, Desert Snow

6 7 10, Falling Petals, Golden Zephyr, Primrose Valley

10 7 3, Ex ex, Shaolin, Jubilee Brig

8 7 3, Spice Fair, Opera Buff, Dark Ranger

7 4 2. Bowie Boy, Skaters Walktz, Hagree

These are in order of preference, so if you decide to follow and to cut down on the lines, you could. But I've made the selections on there's quite a few unexposed sorts and wouldn't be surprised if it's a decent sized pot. Each horse Ive gone with is in there for a reason!
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Having a job sucks!

03 Jun 14 20:29
I've relatively recently started a new job. I obviously don't want to gamble on their computers (and I suspect, reasonably, that I wouldn't be allowed to!) But as the Betfair Tote doesn't open until 9AM, I'm stuck without being able to put on a PP during the week.... Pffff, I'll have to wait til Saturday I guess. BETFAIR?? Opening the Tote markets an hour earlier would make my day!!
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It's been quite some but after a few succesful weeks I thought i'd get back in the game. In general I've been playing smaller stakes, more lines and looking for the big pots, which I think is the best way to play a pool game like the placepot. Having said that, Chester looks like a couple of solid favourites so i'd be somewhat surprised if this was a big dividend. Only 24 lines here, and I've gone for a few more at Newmarket on a very tricky card which i'm expecting to pay big.
Good luck to anyone playing today.

Leg 1:

2    Baitha Alga   
Leg 2:

3    Bondesire   
Leg 3:

3    Purcell   
9    Laffan   
14    Apostle   

Leg 4:

1    Broadway Ranger   
5    My Inspiration

Leg 5:

1    Pilgrims Rest   
2    Hassle   
Leg 6:

3    Captain Morley   
7    Late Shipment


Leg 1:
2    Commander Patten
8    Richard Pankhur'   
Leg 2:

3    Burnt Sugar   
4    Disegno   
6    Justice Well   
Leg 3:

4    Hoodna   
9    Rene Mathis   
13    Peterkin   
Leg 4:
8    Mighty Yar   
10    Plutocracy   
14    Modernism   
Leg 5:

9    Spellbind   
14    Water Queen   
15    Zaawia   
Leg 6:

2    Muteela   
3    Glorious Empire   
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London Calling!

08 Aug 12 10:20
Well, again 1 leg let me down on Tuesday, but such is the way of these things. Fortunately somne big bets on Mo Farah, Fred Evans and Robbie Grabarz are keeping me afloat.
I'm off to Kepmton this evening, so see you there!

Hurricane Spirit

Bold Cuffs


Jubilee Brig

Sir Francis Dra'
Claude Monet


48 lines @ 50p = £24
Running total -£89.32
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Just loving the feel-good Olympics! Feeling proud to be British right now and even the most curmudgeonly of my friends are now getting excited about the gold rush. In that spirit, I feel a bit like a 400m hurdler, off to a great start but hit a couple on the back straight. Still, there's a medal to be won, so off to Ripon for a go today. Good luck.

Royal Aspiration   

Come On Dave   

Always The Lady   
Jonny Lesters Hair   
Robert The Painter

The Nifty Fox   

El Mcglynn
Majestic Manannan

Ace Of Valhalla   
Roc De Prince

72 lines @30p = £21.60
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Back in a tick

31 Jul 12 14:07
Off to the Olympics for a couple of days. Back at the end of the week Cool
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In a hole?

27 Jul 12 10:36
Not a bit of it! Today's Ascot card provides me with a decent opportunity to get right back in the game - Recent years have seen some big pots. I'm looking for some bigger priced outsiders, as always, and dodgy looking favourites to oppose. Having said that, I'm opening up with my banker, Fleeting Smile, so fingers crossed I get over that hurdle!! Plain sailing after that Crazy

Fleeting Smile

Front Page News

Moone's My Name
Beatrice Aurore

Western Prize
Hurricane Higgins

Love Your Looks
Clare Island Boy

Cut Across
Wooden King

1x3x2x2x3x3 = 108 lines @ 0.3 = £32.40
Running total -£67.72
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Up an at 'em.

26 Jul 12 13:05
Well a shame about yesterday evening. I thought I was on something of a roll, but it wasn't to be! My tentative selections today are as follows, but hold fire as if there are any late withdrawals, I may have to change. I had originally selected Jet Acclaim and Megamunch in the 620, and was still fairly content yesterday when left with Megamunch as my only runner but he was never going that well, and perhaps, in hindsight, I should have picked a replacement rather than leaving it up to 1 runner in a hot event. Anyway, on to today, and my tentative selections - check back later though, as I may need to change in the event of non runners.

Jinker Noble
Blanc de Chine

Osiris Way

Black Monk
Blazing Knight

My Kingdom

Viola da Gamba
Coup de Grace

Ice Nelly
Dutch Diamond

2x2x2x2x3x2 = 96 lines @ 0.3 = £28.8

Running total -£38.92
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Answer - when it's a Placepot with all the favourites placing!

Meaning I got 0.8 winning lines, and the dividend is £19, so a grand total of -£4.  It was disappointing to see Come What Augustus, Bingo des Mottes and Special Account all heavily backed into favouritism before placing.

A fair few punters lazily tick 'favourite' on their Tote slip, and in many cases it can hugely increase the number of winning tickets, thus reducing the payout for the winners. In reality, a decent sized Placepot win is made by finding faves to oppose, which is exactly what I did, before some other jokers came to spoil my party! Anyway, a return is better than a total loss, and here as promised, is what I'm backing tonight at Sandown.

Looking On


Tropical Song
Monsieur Rieussec

Dutch Supreme

Jacob Cats

Callisto Moon
The Holyman

32 lines @ 0.60 = £19.20
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