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The last two week's in variety entertainment land has seen just about everything that is good, and everything that is bad on Britain's Got Talent.

We've had dancing dogs, camp men-bands, outstanding singers, terrific dance troupes, basketball gymnasts, and of course, some not-so-outstanding singers.

Zipparah Tafari falls into that very last category, but he was easily the most likeable act from the last fortnight. Containing more self confidence than Simon Cowell at a lap-dancing club, Zippy - as Cowell preferred to call him - performed a catchy number about something most of us do every single day - lose a mobile phone and a set of keys.

Was Zippy the greatest singer in the world? No. But in this case it didn't matter one bit. The 49-year-old, possessing a hugely likeable personality, managed to turn something we can all relate to into a fun, uplifting, song. He might have to start singing, "Where's ma tea, where's ma scones, where's ma tea, where's ma scones", if he wants to impress the Royal Family, but failing that, he will surely have a summer hit with his novelty number.

When it comes to dance troupes then 2009 BGT winners Diversity easily set the standard, and no act has come close to being as good since. But on Saturday we saw a group called United We Stand who quite possibly could be the next... well, Diversity!

Consisting of both males and females ranging from the ages of 17-25 United We Stand were full of energy, extremely slick, and produced a very polished performance. It's all about imagination and creativeness if you want to be a successful dance act on this show, and these guys are by some distance the best we've seen in the last few years. I said a few weeks ago that I don't like the Twist & Pulse Dance Company, and I still don't. United We Stand blow them out of the water quite frankly.

Britain's Got Talent wouldn't be Britain's Got Talent without a very good dog act, and again, it's quite possible that this year we've seen the best the show has ever had to offer in the form of Ashleigh and Pudsey.

I can officially confirm that Pudsey isn't the small one from Ant & Dec in costume, he really is a dog, and a bloody good dancing one too. Cowell adored the act, but then he's always been a dog lover, ever since he met Sinitta I'm told. I wasn't so keen. The dog was brilliant, and Ashleigh and Pudsey will certainly make the final, but ultimately acts like this become very boring.

A trio of female singers have impressed during the last fortnight, and all have the potential to go far. One, maybe two, of Paige Turley, Chelsea Redfern and Hope Murphy should make the final, and whilst I'm not convinced at this stage that any will win, 18-year-old Redfern is definitely the one that I like best. Her rendition of Purple Rain - a really difficult song to perform - was outstanding and deserved all the praise it received from the judges.

My last mention this week goes to The Showbears, and it's not a very encouraging one.

Consisting of five camp men dressed as sailors, The Showbears were all too predictable, and not very good at all. It was pretty obvious that they were going to do a cheap version of It's Raining Men, and had they have been brilliant dancers and excellent singers then I would have been heaping praise on them. But they were dreadful; couldn't sing, couldn't dance and their act was extremely boring.

David Walliams thought otherwise and got on stage to perform with them, but consider this - if the group consisted of five straight men/women trying to be a successful group then they would have been booed off the stage. The Showbears were fun yes, but on performances alone they were absolutely rubbish. I know I know, I'm a killjoy.

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