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Posted by: Betting.Betfair on Apr 16, 2012 at 10:20:09 AM
The last two week's in variety entertainment land has seen just about everything that is good, and everything that is bad on Britain's Got Talent. We've had dancing dogs, camp men-bands, outstanding singers, terrific dance troupes, basketball gymnasts, and of course, some not-so-outstanding singers. Zipparah Tafari falls into that very last category, but he was easily the most likeable act from the last fortnight. Containing more self confidence than Simon Cowell at a lap-dancing club, Zippy - as Cowell preferred to call him - performed a catchy number about something most of us do every single day - lose a mobile phone and a set of keys. Was Zippy the greatest singer in the world? No. But in this case it didn't matter one bit. The 49-year-old, possessing a hugely likeable personality,...