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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good afternoon and welcome to my latest blog post. I received some crushing news this morning. I subscribe to Wrecking Ball & Demolition Weekly and it arrived with a thud on my velvet doormat.

I digress. As I’ve been particularly busy lately, sorting out minor criminals with the type of justice generally only meted out by superheroes in capes, I haven’t managed to help you all out with my words of wisdom as often as I’d like. What I have identified, however, are two tremendous tips for this weekend’s football and snooker. I know you hang onto my every word like a bat on a branch so I’ll keep it short and sweet today as kick-off time is rapidly approaching and while I have an ego the size of Stephen Fry’s brain I would never deprive you of pre-match drinking opportunities.
So, what has the betting supercomputer thrown up for us all today?

Let’s take a little look…

Rotherham, fresh from their elevation to the dizzy heights of the Championship won’t fancy a visit to the New Den today against an unbeaten Millwall. Take The Lions to beat the Millers @ 2.1.

In the Paul Hunter Classic snooker tournament, look no further than Robert Milkins on the +1.5 handicap versus Mark Allen. Cryptic clue: you might have to shop around somewhere beneath the ocean for the best price of 1.85 here.

As that stuttering sow Porky Pig likes to say at the end of Warner Bros cartoons – “Th-th-th-that’s all folks!”

All the very best to you & yours - if you can't please yourself, you can't please your soul

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