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HELLO, good morning and welcome to my latest blog.

Snooker has to be the most sedentary sport in the world. The contestants are even lazier than darts players. Let’s face it, how many times have you seen a darts player ask the ref for a rest? Furthermore, the dress code has got to be the most bonkers of all sports.

“Mum, I’m just off for a game of snooker with my mates.”

“Okay son, don’t forget your waistcoat, bow tie and ridiculous spats.”

It also features some of life’s more bizarre eccentrics. Dechawat Poomjaeng, for example (the one who looks like Pixie out of the old TV series Monkey), was described by Stephen Maguire as ‘not the full shilling’. That’s pretty extreme if you ask me. Put it this way, if I was ever on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Maguire would be pretty low down on my ‘phone a friend’ list.

Despite all the above, however, snooker is a fantastic sport to punt on, especially if there are any in-running markets available. As I’m feeling particularly generous, here’s one of my tried and tested techniques for snooker success.

A favourite snooker betting strategy of mine is frame betting in-running on Betfair, especially in the bigger events when there is plenty of liquidity sloshing around. What often happens is that the first player to get in amongst the balls will quickly shorten in price in-running to win that particular frame. At this juncture, shove a cheeky lay in so that your liability isn’t anything too mortgage-threatening, then prepare for the moment that he misses a pot or runs out of position and his opponent comes in to clear up the rest of the balls and win the frame.

Now you’re in trading heaven.

You can either trade out by backing the player who was looking likely to make a sizable break but failed or simply let the lay ride. Even if the player you laid ends up winning the frame with your lay left unprotected, which is of course a possibility, you won’t lose much as you laid him when he was favourite to win the frame so your liability won’t have been high. As soon as the first player who gets his eye in tries to split the pack with an aggressive shot, this is usually the pivotal moment of the frame as it can either go swimmingly well or disgustingly wrong!

As with all betting in-running, make sure the footage you’re watching is properly ‘live’. Even the BBC website is a few seconds behind the actual BBC TV coverage, for example.

The above might sound semi-complicated, but if you ease yourself in gently with minimum stakes, and be prepared to sit and watch lots of snooker, the rewards are plentiful over the course of a tournament. The next tournament, the Riga Open, commences on August 7, although the next big TV event - the Shanghai Masters - isn't until 8 September.

And finally, I’m still following the experts on as I have done for quite some time now and have found myself making even more money. Well done ladies and gentlemen, long may it continue.

That's it from me for now. I’m off to practice my trick shots. I’ve got a bet on with Bogdan Wolkowski that I can swerve the white twice around his fat moustachioed head. If I lose, I’ve got to buy him Zubrowa vodka for a year. If I win, however, I get the freedom of Gdansk, which I can only presume is some kind of Polish music hall.

Good luck & happy punting!

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