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HELLO, good afternoon and welcome to my latest blog. It's been quite some time since I last updated you all on my activities so I hope this message reaches you well. Good old British weather, eh? The blooming precipitation at Queen's Club over the last few days is enough to made a man choke on his lobster thermidor. Rather than complain, however, I was quickly onto one of my contacts in a large sweat shop in South East Asia with a bespoke design for a new style of tennis shoes. Basically a hybrid of squash shoes and golf shoes, these really tick all the boxes so I've ordered two thousand to be knocked out in time for Wimbledon. I've made sure they're all white in keeping with Wimbledon's rules and at £80 a pop I'll be in profit as soon as I've sold three pairs. It's amazing how quickly these Asian workers can turn things round, especially when half of them have their little fingers missing.

I digress.

The boy Murray is looking good at present, as I'm writing this with a pair of Gargoyles directly in my line of vision, and I can't help but think he'll win the Aegon Championships this year, rather than in 2012 when he went out to Nicolas Mahut, the French joker who once played John Isner for six weeks and still lost.

I must dash folks, as I've got a date with some idiot who thinks he can personalise the interior of my Aston Martin DB5 with Andy Warhol-style pictures of Yoffie out of Fingerbobs. This I have to see.

Till next time.

Good luck & happy punting

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