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Quite a quality quonundrum

15 Oct 12 21:58
Hello, good evening and welcome to my latest blog. My, it's been a while. The last time I spoke to you my hair was a lot thicker and my waistline a lot thinner. Then again, when you get used to being wined and dined by various extremist groups with a view to sharing punting knowledge it's easy to pile on the pounds and become a bit nervous. I was having a spot of lunch with one of the aforementioned only the other day. For obvious reasons (i.e. they’ll cut out my guts and feed me them if I share any secrets that could get them into lumber with the gavvers) I can’t name the faction I was being entertained by, but I can divulge that their name involves a colour and a month. They’re a pretty ghastly bunch I have to tell you – low on personal hygiene and high on creosote – but we have an arrangement whereby every tip I give them they take me out for caviar and spicy potato wedges, washed down with Black Monk’s Bavarian Brew, so who am I to argue? One of these days I’ll simply tell them where to shove their hospitality but needs must – I still owe ‘Barking’ Jon Ferguson three ponies and half a monkey.

He's in the circus trade.

I digress. I’m up to ‘Q’ on the betting advice alphabet, so here goes fans...

Q is for Quick Fix

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so by the same reckoning don’t expect to suddenly be wheeling your cash around in a barrow after one bet. Patience is an underestimated virtue and a vital weapon in the better better’s armoury. Take it nice and easy and the steady drip of cash will fill the bucket sooner than you think. It’ll take a while, of course, but that big pile of money will have been worth all your time spent investigating your bets, getting the stakes right and of course correctly identifying the right markets and the right types of wager. Paper trade your systems first and use your betting bank. Don’t go mad. Keep control of your liability and ultimately you’ll succeed. Over-stretching yourself is not only bad for your back, it’s bad for your betting bank.

I’ll be back soon, but in the meantime I need to avoid a man with a beard, a limp and a badly-done tattoo of Kilimanjaro.

Chin up, chest out & shoulders back

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