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HELLO, good evening & welcome to my blog. Sorry I haven't posted many tips lately, but I've been busy paper trading a few systems, with mixed results. That's what paper trading is for, though, making sure a system is a successful one before committing it to the old 'hard earned'. Here's the latest in my A-Z of Better Punting for the time being. I'll dish out some tips in the very near future - hopefully within the next few days. Until then, enjoy the weather & stay safe.

N is for No Score
Backing 0-0 can be a very risky habit. Especially if it’s cricket.
Back 0-0 on Betfair, however, and a whole host of possibilities open up for laying it off as the game progresses. This is best done if you happen to be watching the match in question as it adds to the fun, rather than by sitting and watching the odds update on the website. Watch out for correct score betting and first goalscorer betting in this instance too as any match that you think may finish 0-0 and you don’t want to attempt to lay it off, or can’t be bothered, always back ‘no goalscorer’ rather than ‘correct score 0-0’. Why? Because if it happens to finish 1-0 or 0-1 or any score where all the goals have been own goals you will still be paid out. Okay, it’s unlikely that any game finishing with more than one goal in it will be all own goals (Sunderland 0-3 Middlesbrough is a famous example in the last few years), but it’s just a bit of tiny extra insurance for (usually) exactly the same odds. To sum up, if you want to back 0-0 without laying it off, go for ‘no goalscorer’ in the ‘first goalscorer’ market, rather than ‘0-0’ in the ‘correct score’ market. As always, read the terms & conditions just to make sure.

N is also for Never bet on someone to do something they’ve never done before!
Read the above header twice. It sounds a bit complicated to start with, then becomes blindingly obvious. Still, thousands of punters every day fall into the trap of placing money on the chance that something incredibly unlikely might just happen. Take for example first goalscorer markets. Mmm… Johnny Jones is priced at 33/1. Good player, Jonesy, has stuck with his team for years, made x number of appearances for his home town club. But has he ever scored first in a match? No? Well, why should he suddenly change a habit of a lifetime and score first just because you backed him? Don’t take that chance. First goalscorer betting is virtually a lottery to start with.
All types of bet, however, apply to this golden rule. Have Rovers ever overturned a lead to come out victorious away from home? Have United ever scored more than six in a match in recent times? If they haven’t, don’t back it, regardless of how attractive the odds may seem. The small amounts of money lost here and there on ridiculous long shots that are never going to happen until Elvis lands on the Moon soon add up.
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